Football League thread

Yeah, saw that. Finished 6-1 in the end. I was rather disappointed to concede that last minute goal :smirk:

Southend have been trash for a while now. Can’t remember when they last won a game.


Read earlier that Sven-Goran Eriksson was interested in that job. Saw Sol Campbell linked to it too. But nah, let’s give it to the football cancer instead.

Me neither. Betting on them to lose is a good money maker, combine it with another “sure thing” like Gnabry anytime and its gives you a very tasty 3.0ish double.

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Not a fan of any kind of rule change mid season. But I assume the teams have agreed to it, it’s a pretty packed schedule after all - though they knew that at the start of the season.


I support in some way because of lack of pre season. Think we have seen muscle injuries increase significantly because of this.
The reality is though it’s becoming the norm now and as ever will basically benefit the stronger squads overall.

Ridiculous that they got rid of it. PL will change it too I’d imagine.

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Yeah David Moyes has already changed his tune now that West Ham have been hit with muscle injuries lol

Just wait until the bottom half shitters start having to deal with loads of players injured with hammies and they’ll be begging them to implement 5 subs like the the big clubs wanted to start with.

Not watching but sounds like, before his red card, Buendia was running the show as usual. Scored a nice goal, but supplied an even better assist

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Forest losing at Bournemouth 0-1 going into the second half
Chris Hughton has a massive job to do there
Fux ache, Cherries have a pen now. Harsh one.