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You were 5. That’s good enough. You have a cerebral capacity to remember things at that age

COVID-19 has had a “significant impact” on the club.

Feel bad for their one supporter

I know you’re joking, but they get 10,000 odd at their home matches. Sport is a big part of Wigan’s community.

And sadly, they won’t be the last club to be impacted by COVID-19.


what does go into administration mean in normal speak? they need money I understand but what’ll happen

Going into administration effectively means your company is being taken under the management of an administrator – who must be a licensed insolvency practitioner (IP). Once a company enters administration, it is given protection from creditors who may be threatening to begin legal action to recover outstanding debts

Yeah, they basically need rescuing. Will probably get a points deduction too.

Yeah sad news. Never nice to see people lose their jobs. Hopefully they can be saved.

Done really well lately and virtually secured safety last night. Really sad news.
Unique Wigan as they are not the biggest sporting team in the town.
There’s fair bit of animosity between sections of the football and Rugby fans. Not everyone in Wigan will be upset about this.

El Cloughico today.

Can’t wait. Come on Forest.

Went up to watch us at Wigan when we lost there 3-2. (We were winning 0-2 until like the 85th minute)

I was also there when we won 2-1 at Highbury in the league cup SF only to lose on away goals.

Not many fond memories of Wigan for me. However, none of these “smaller” clubs deserves this.

Watching this over Norwich Brighton.

Hopefully be a decent game!

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Keep me updated, mate. Just been inadvertently called out to do the “big shop” :roll_eyes:

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Joe Lolley just scored a screamer!

1-0 Forrest

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Take THAT, Rain Wooney!

Fake hair transplant bastard

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Would love Forest to nick West Brom’s automatic promotion place. Leeds and Forest coming up together is almost poetic :smiley:

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Ooooh, Forest just hit the beans!

Grabban so close to making it 0-2.

This is gonna finish 1-1, you can just feel it :joy:

Derby down to 10 men.

Waghorn with a dirty challenge



At least you were right…

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