Folarin Balogun

Charles Watts put it at 34m GBP (39.6m EURO) with a 17.5% sell-on. Is it good for an academy kid who barely had a cup of coffee with the first team? Sure. Is it good enough compared to some of the other sales that clubs like Chelsea or City or even Liverpool have been able to make for some of their lesser used players? Not really. Is it disappointing if you consider some of the fees paid by English clubs for high scoring prospects from France, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.? Yeah, it’s pretty disappointing.

Hopefully the club can get better at this. I fully expect ESR to go next summer, but he’s not going to play at all this year so I can’t really see that being a big fee. Gabriel will probably go next summer as well, maybe that will be a good fee.

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What are some examples of similar players those clubs have sold to clubs outside of England or Barca/Real/PSG/Bayern?

Must be the highest (or very close to) sale to a team in Europe not named Madrid, PSG or Bayern this summer?

It is what it is. Which small clubs are buying Chelsea’s players for crazy fees?

Changed my view, its a bad deal

I willing to accept a lesser fee but it should absolutely be rigged with clauses and add ons to compensate down the line if he hits (which he will)

I guarantee he’ll be back in the PL within 3 years

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I hope this is the last batch of players that we sell cheap or give up for free (including Pepe and the remainings), and we start doing serious business.

Outside of England there aren’t any I can think of, maybe Sane if you count him but he was lightyears ahead of Balogun in his development when he did leave City.

I take your point that it’s more a function of who we were selling to than a reflection of Arsenal happily accepting a “lower” fee.

I would have thought, maybe naively, that a team like West Ham would have kicked his tires or even Fulham with Mitrovic going to KSA.

I’d also argue it’s more than likey 17.5% of any profit made, so it’ll be even less.

Fuck. That photo with the Mediterrainian in the background. I’d leave Arsenal for that.

Charles Watts didn’t seem to think so on Arseblog, he said 17.5% of the fee.

I’m not sure I’ve actually seen a sell on for just the profit on a deal outside of Football Manager.


if he is sold for 50m next time, we get 8.75m.

I think is good

Just scored a goal a minute after he was subbed on for Ben Yedder in the second half to give Monaco a 2:1 lead (it still stands, minutes before the end).

Lol, Lorient just equalises in the literal last attack of the game.


hoping Arsenal have got a buy back clause just incase…

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There’s no chance we put a buy back clause into a deal which is among the biggest fees ever paid by a French club that isn’t PSG.

Just missed 2 penalties vs Nice. Nketiah would never.




How to not take a pen…

Selling looks like a good decision… Nketiah has started well this season.

oh wow, two penalty misses from the same player in one match. Confidence shot.

Cue the racist abuse in 3…2…1… (amongst their fans, not in here ofc :sweat_smile:)

Isn’t there a statistic showing that taking your time on pens results in higher success rate?

I remember seeing it when someone analyzed our shootout with City in the Community Shield. All our players took their time whereas City players were rushing it. City are historically bad at pens.