Folarin Balogun (Out on loan)

I assume that was the case for ESR when he went to Huddersfield and Mason Mount when he went to Derby?

Anomolies, plus those two looked hungry from a young age. Balogun plays like he’s Auba already. Shit attitude and will 100% not make it here. Bin him asap.

I’m not a big fan of his agent’s tactics, which has me a bit worried considering he manages Saka too. Apparently he was asking for a fee to sign for Middlesbrough.
You do need more patience with strikers though. Sure you have the prodigies here and there but most strikers don’t really show their quality till later on.

Very clinical and hungry in pursuing a contract though.

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It’s good Bolloxgun is going out on loan.

Hope it turns him into a good player so that his name no longer starts with Bollox.

Unfortunately the loan to Leeds for Eddie just showed he isn’t good enough. Hope we get a different outcome here. Desperately need a top class centre forward to come through. Last top one we had was Andy Cole but we sold him before he became good!



Has to earn and keep a first 11 spot with a team in good form.

I think he’ll do well.

Fighting for promotion too.

When does his contract with Arsenal expire?

2025 I believe.

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hopefully he wont get addicted to parmo’s

On the bench today for the Boro probably see him second half as their playing 2 up front.