Folarin Balogun (Loan: Reims)

He looks rapid

Farmers League brev


Does well to get in that position and shot is decent considering, but I think the GK should be saving that

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Really hope we don’t lose this guy for Eddie. Either keep both around and make it work or sell Nketiah before his stock tanks completely.


Why would Nketiah’s stocks “tank completely”?

Because he’s been poor the last few times he’s played, right now he’s probably still got a half decent sale value.

The ones he was carrying an injury?
Didn’t he get an assist in his last appearance?

They’re both great assets. Still at a a very good age, English, and can score goals. Tammy was worth 40m after having a poor 18 months for Chelsea, even after getting alienated by Tuchel.

For what is worth btw, I don’t discount the scenario of selling Nketiah(or Balogun). I think the play here is to evaluate both during preseason. Arteta and his staff can make a decision after that.

Yes, his only goal contribution in the last 6.

I don’t think it’s wild to suggest his stock is already down compared to January where he came in and made an immediate bang. I don’t see him being worth much more the more he plays.

End of the day we suggested the same conclusion (try both) so not sure it matters. Hopefully balogun gets a fair shot.

Nketiah is 35m plus player. No way has his value tanked.

No one said it had, I said if we’re gonna sell one then maybe it’s best to be Nketiah while his stock is still at a decent level.

Be surprised if we get 35m or more though.

Nketiah has shown more than enough to establish that he’s a capable premier league striker.


If we don’t sell him for that amount, Edu needs to resign.
Good strikers are such a rare commodity that Danny Ings went from Southampton to Aston Villa for 25m and then despite scoring only 14 goals in 2 seasons, West Ham United purchased the 30-year-old for 12m.

Eddie will be 24 and at his peak in the coming years. Anyone who purchases him gets a homegrown PL-ready striker for the next 6 seasons at the very least. Why can’t we extract 35m for him?

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Eddie is perfectly capable of scoring 15-20 goals a season for a PL team there’s no way he should be off our books for any less than £40m


Well you mentioned one reason already. On top of that I rate him much lower than the rest of you and hes proven nothing, at least ings had a good campaign or two to point to.

Eddie is still potential at the age of 23/24 so whoever buys him will be gambling that he can be that starting striker after all.

I would hope we get easily 30-35m by comparative transfers but like I said…I’ll be surprised.

You typically get fewer than 10 players scoring more than 15 goals in a Premier League campaign, and that number gets drastically smaller the closer you get to 20 league goals. I personally wouldn’t be so bullish about him being able to achieve that.

However, I never would have thought Nketiah would have been as big contributor for us as he was for a stretch in Jesus’ absence, so he certainly has defied my low expectations in the past.


Scored again.

Boy’s on fire


should swap him for eddie and try and get a good sum for eddie far more about Balogun than there is to Eddie. Something tells me though that it wont happen.


It’s a given at this point, whenever i check who scored for Reims, it’s this guy right here.

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