Folarin Balogun (38)

Fabrizio says no

If a German team is gonna steal him I’d put my money on Stuttgart. That’s Svens method of operation. Knows the player from a former club and snipes them if they have any potential.

Hehe. Funny to read this whilst knowing Arsenal, and other English clubs, have been poaching 16-year olds throughout Europe for several years with big contracts. Too many a frustration.

He’s just one syllable short of a #welcome to the house of fun# by Madness chant (with his full name replaced).

That’s what pains me the most about this transfer :pensive:

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I haven’t seen much of his play but the bits I have I thought he looked very promising. Concerned that his lack of game time may well mean we lose him before we get the chance to find out how good he’ll be.

Real shame that and hope we don’t live to regret it.

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Any minutes Eddie gets should be given to Balogun at this point, seen enough of Eddie to know what he’ll offer.


Yes I haven’t given up hope on Eddie as he’s still young and learning but from the little I’ve seen it looks like Balogun may well have more to offer.

I’m a little surprised Arteta hasn’t given him more of a try.


We don’t know what has been agreed behind the scenes but if Balogun has said he is set on leaving then it makes sense to give Eddie minutes instead of him.

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Going off of last night’s comments Arteta absolutely seems to adore Nketiah. To be fair to the kid he can probably grow into a decent Premier League back up. I reckon our centre forwards with Lacazette, Auba and Nketiah are set for the next two seasons.

I reckon Eddie is limited as fuck, we’ll see how it pans out.


Id swap for Jeffers in a heartbeat.


This seems similar to the ESR situation. He was getting ignored and left out of the squad whilst Willock and Nelson were getting game time, until he (Arteta) was forced to play him.

Eddie been getting regular game time including plenty of starts since January last year, he’s garbage and limited as fuck, and hasn’t provided anything of value. He is not going to get better than he is now. Yet Arteta will still pick him over Balogun.


I don’t think there is much difference between the two tbh. Eddie run wild in the u21s aswell

Fair point but from the limited time we seen Balogun he seemed stronger on the ball and better at holding up play and linking up. Thing is he hasn’t had enough game time for us to know if he is got or not. In Eddie’s case it’s become clear that he’s not good enough and doesn’t offer us anything.


Wish he got the start over Eddie


This a thousand times this. Only way we will ever find out if in fact he’s a better option than Eddie is for Arteta to be forced into using him. It’s how we stumbled upon the revelation that is ESR.


Yeah we need Eddie to get injured as bad as that sounds.


The bloke is actively talking to other clubs. He will get a chance when he commits to playing for Arsenal and not while he’s speaking to clubs up and down the country trying to get the best possible deal.


Or we could show him he is very much in the fold by including him in our teams. It’s not like all of a sudden he’s not in the squad because he’s talking to other clubs.