Folarin Balogun (26)

At least the dressing room knowns Arteta is a scrub killing our attacking football


None of the players rate our idiot coach.

But they also know the higher ups are also morons and will take his side so it’s not like they can get him sacked like at a winner serious club e.g. Chelsea.

So they’ll just leave for peanuts. And beg to do so.

Nobody rates our club anymore, or respects the people in charge


I wish Balogun said it himself if that’s what he believed.

Our players are so meek if they can’t be bothered to challenge Arteta. AMN showed the slightest bit of defiance and Arteta capitulated. He’s an pushover.


Can this guy do some activity on the pitch before his folks & agent create such a fuss about his contract and gametime?


90 percent of his Arsenal career has been stalling on a contract and his brother bad mouthing the club.

This will end well.


At this stage, getting wound-up by what Balogun does seems akin to letting Gavin Hoyte have a relevant say in club business.
Absolute nobody with needless amount of power.


Sounds like someone wasn’t allowed in the players lounge to go with his free ticket. All those planned selfies to impress the lads and girls binned.


He was ok signing a contract though.

Regardless of Arteta and what happens with him this season, the guy signed a contract knowing full well what his status would be in the team. Soundbites from family like this, whether it’s taken out of context or not just smacks of blaming external factors because of Flo’s shortcomings.

He’ll get his chance along the way somewhere but he’ll likely have to wait for it. Not sure why he or the club didn’t push for a loan away for the season.

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