Good. Hopefully Barca won’t be ridiculously over powered now and Arsenal players can get ratings befitting their form.

Oh, and Man City are crap for some reason :joy:

Conspiracy brain: Qatar has allot of weight with FIFA given the world cup is there and PSG is effectively a Qatari run club—also Mbappe has been on the cover for several? years. Man City is obviously Emirates owned.

Qatar and Emirates have been beefing for several years now. Wouldn’t be surprised if Qatar put pressure on FIFA to screw with City in the game.

Yes, they’re that petty.

It’s really annoying on career mode that the only English club that seems to routinely play well and challenge for the title is Spurs. Talk about unrealistic.


This game keeps resetting my custom controller and slider settings. It’s fucking annoying

Typical EA cunts. Konami bring back Master League you fucks :sob:

Did the new patch not fix it? Came out today apparently.

100 greatest FIFA songs of all time. This will be a trip down memory lane :joy:

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They’ve now incorporated loads of old Fifa classic tunes into Fifa 23. I was taken back when Fifa 2001’s intro tune Bodyrock came on randomly :upside_down_face:


This is a common complaint of mine with City on FIFA. The reason they’re so useless as an AI team is because of the default tactics EA have set for them. Those tactics just don’t match up well against most teams and it’s made worse by the physical stats on their players. They need acres of space to play their game and an age on the ball. Their defence gets spun by quick strikers with ease due to how slow their CB’s and Rodri are.

Their style only works well if they have a user controlling them. Teams like Chelsea and United roll them over far too easily.

Seems like EA don’t do their due diligence in testing the effectiveness of each team’s tactics relative to real life. Sure City like a slow build up but it should actually translate to success in game. City should be dominant in all departments for the game to maintain any semblance of realism, not just on paper but practically as well.

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In the latest FIFA 23 squad update, some Arsenal players received updates to their stats rather than their appearance. Martin Odegaard, Thomas Partey, Bukayo Saka and Smith Rowe all received minor upgrades, whilst Eddie Nketiah, Leandro Trossard, Kieran Tierney, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Vieira were all handed small downgrades

Love how ESR got an upgrade after no appearences whilst Eddie and others get downgrades. These lot are actually terrible at their job lol