It’s sad that it’s come to this. FIFA microtransactions worth double what FIFA itself is worth. That means it’s 3x more revenue than it used to be when they were just selling FIFA, but it doesn’t feel like they’re putting anything extra into improving it every year.


It won’t continue tho now that some countries see loot boxes as gambling its going to hit them financially.

Just full of kids using parents credit cards now. Fifa’s finished as a good football game.

PES is for the purists


In the gaming industry there’s a term for ppl who have more money than they know what to do with, they are called “Whales”. And this is why loot boxes exist so the whales can spend innordinant amounts of money on a game. It truly is fucking up the gaming industry because developers can just be lazy af, and EA is one of the worst.

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Ultimately there’s no mode quite like Pro Clubs anywhere else. As frustrating as EA’s corporate directive is the game is still a must buy for me and the mates I game with.

The difference now is that PES is on a serious upturn. There are a lot of FIFA players that have grown sick of this shit and jumping ship in protest.

EA’s endless greed and awful reputation is damaging them more and more each year.

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Looks good!

Yeah hearing good things about the new career mode, finally doing things fans have asked for, for a while.

Press conferences and stuff will be cool

hopefully career mode will be fun again like on the older fifas, i really enjoyed when it got changed for the ps4 but it’s been the same since

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Too late. I mainly buy football games for the career mode and these wankers have put all their eggs in the Ultimate Team basket (fucking joke game mode anyway), so this year I’ll be switching to PES.


Master League on PES is so much more in depth and rewarding. You wont be dissapointed.

What’s the difference bro? Genuinely asking because I haven’t played a football game for a couple years and I’m leaning towards PES this year.

Will list a little later. But genrally everything…

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So much marketing blablaat from EA again. Customizing your manager, seriously. Player morale? Nothing will change. Career is deadweight. It’s all about FUT.


PES isn’t realistic as it doesn’t have all the English leagues. All the premier league stadiums and a few football league stadiums.

Career mode every day. PES Master League is a bit fake and unrealistic. I don’t want to play a European super league lol

But with PES you can just add that stuff in with a download file and a USB, unlike shithead EA who don’t allow any customisation except giving your stupid career manager a different haircut.


This :point_up:

Everything is customizable. Yes it takes some work, but you only do it once.

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One of my most fond childhood memories is regularly going over to my mate’s house with my memory card and playing against his master league team with mine haha.

What I hear a lot is that PES is the far more realistic and close to life game than FIFA is.

I much prefer the licensing element and sheer number of teams in FIFA but I guess with option files, some of that is fixed.

But I agree, not sure how 8 feel about a European Super League lol


Yep everything turns legit like Fifa. All Fifa has is more stadiums.

PES probably is the more realistic but I prefer FIFA haha. Football fans are either one or the other :joy: