Fifa 18


Watch EA get it and turn it into a separate game like they used to :joy:



Ffs that’s exactly what will happen.


I hope edit mode can counteract some of the issues with that



The CL inclusion in PES’s master league is brilliant.


That was PES’s last USP


Lads, the options are becoming more clear every day. You are just gonna have to give up football games completely until EA loses all the licenses. Its was tough for me to do but it’s for the greater good. Only safe game is Football Manager.

Seriously though for PES is it that big of a deal? You have to download option files for mostly everything anyways, is a CL option file addition gonna make that much of a difference?


Btw how can they do CL without Bayern munich and the german league?


If you find out tell Arsenal how to do it.


Incredible scenes. EA are giving us the World Cup game as an add on to FIFA 18 for FREE!!


Content like this should always be free. All they’ve done is updated kits, added a WC2018 themed UI and added some commentary. Would be criminal to charge for it


I am facing Atletico in the Champions League semifinal in my second season with Arsenal :henry2:


I’ll play it


Which is something they have done every time before lol.

Yeah, we shouldn’t be praising basic decency on behalf of EA tbh, their World Cup games are a joke.

Imagine charging £40 for a FIFA expansion pack.


You must not know EA very well :henry2:


This actually would make me play some FIFA from time to time.


Didn’t play the 2014 one but the 2010 one was class tbh


Just as I got into PES!


The only reason I’ll pick up my FIFA again is to play as Morocco in World Cup mode.

Truth be told I haven’t played more than a game or two of FIFA 18 and I’m not sure I played anymore than a handful of games on the last FIFA.


Why do you keep giving them your money then?


That’s about the only reason i’ll be playing it for



I’m sure you’ll have to buy energy boosts or something if you want your squad to be able to last beyond the round of 32. Or if you want Messi in your Saudi Arabia team.