Fifa 18


I skipped Fifa 17 and have a total different feeling when playing Fifa 18.

Actually Arsenal has a very good and competitive squad in the game, and just need some minor modifications and will be “invinvcible”.

Tried 3-4-3 / 3-5-2 but not confident to have 3 at the back. Still need more time to learn the new ball physics and defending skills. Other than that, 4-2-3-1 is pretty well balanced.

Sold Cech back to Chelsea and bought Donnarumma, potentially a 90+ keeper. Now is at 84/85 and good enough as a starter. Tried to sell Ospina but he stayed.
Bellerin as RB/RWB.
Kos and Mustafi as CB. If play 3 CB I will add Kola. If I play 4 at the back, I will play Hector as LB (AI bidded over 10m on Monreal and the price was too good to say no).
Recalled Chambers as CB/RB rotation, Per also as backup, loaned out Holding and Bielik.
Sold Ramsey after transfer window closed, would leave later. Also sold Coq and Santi.
Bought a younger Goretzka as CM, pair with Jack or Xhaka. Elneny as back up.
Plan to sell Theo but not yet decided whom I should buy as RM/RW. Welbeck sold and recalled Lucas Perez as rotation.
Ozil and Sanchez as sure starter, with Laca as striker.
Bought Sane (50m) as rotation and Giroud stayed as back up striker.
Akpom and Niles and Adelaide to play unimportant cup games.

Will have 50-60 mil budget in January and probably will get a RM to replace Theo; or a CAM to give Ozil some rest.

So far, a solid game that I enjoy much.


Pro clubs now?


Saw it at the store today, was tempted but nah fuck FIFA.


Is career mode literally the same?




Started a career with Bournemouth. Bought Welbeck and some other mid 70s. Top of the league by 6 points on Legendary. Game is too boring and easy af. Gone back to PES.


Told u they only care about fut and the money from those stupid fucking packs. This is the door open imo for another football game like PES to steal a lot of FIFA people, the people who are realizing now what a scam this game is.

Edit: unfortunately for everyone it seems like PES only wants to make a FIFA clone as opposed to making a game which offers to improve the game modes fifa has, but ignores, like manager mode. Judging from just the OA users who are interested in MM, but are let down every year by fifa, there would be a lot of business to gain.


If Konami made good game modes for PES no one would care much about stuff like licenses. Their modes still look about as basic as they come and they innovate no better than EA do. The myClub mode proves your point about trying to clone FIFA. At the moment the only interesting new mode on PES is 3v3 co-op play but with the issue of shitter servers.

I enjoy PES’s gameplay a lot but it still lacks in too many departments to buy it over FIFA. I’d pay £25-30 max.


The most fun part is to play against human, with your friends.
$59.99 is for us/me to play some manager mode, the Hunter story, play some bluffing games with friends and enjoy the realistic jerseys/brands/stadiums.
Fuck FUT and no chance for me to spend extra money.
PES??? They have lost the race more than a decade ago.


I simply buy the game so I can play it with friends online and coop, pro clubs and play competitively seasons online. Never cared for the career, journey or fut.

If PES offers better gameplay and more of my friends would play PES, I’d easily make the switch.


You underestimate PES’s comeback. Two years running now it has been rated better than Fifa by many respected reviewers.


Gonna try on the weekend.


I do enjoy pes but i chose fifa because I can just pick up and play on it where’s I find pes I need to sink more time into to learn to play it and get the best out off it and these days I don’t have the time to play both



Lol, this would make me sooooo mad. Why I don’t buy Fifa anymore.


“AKB” :gabriel:


Got to Division 1 and won the Premier Cup to boot.

For cups I play Real as I can not take any chance in knock-outs.

Division I change teams between Arsenal, Ajax, Real and Juventus, depending on my mood and how I play.


FIFA :face_vomiting:




FFS! Had to reinstall it after the last update.

EA Sports are cunts.