Fifa 18


EA have bought the UEFA CL & EL rights off Konami, as expected




Loool get ready for these bad boys, making a comeback.


I guess it has to get worse before it gets better.


When it comes to EA this site is full of absolute haters :joy:. Actually unbearable reading this thread as a neutral. Literally no objectivity in sight.

Edit: Btw I respect PES and what Konami are trying to do with the limited budget and licenses they have. I bought it too and enjoy it. But the stuff you guys are saying about FIFA and the way you’re even glorifying PES is all just anti-big company crazy talk.


Tell that to anybody that bought battlefront, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Madden, NBA live, NHL etc etc

We hate EA because there is a lot to hate.


If ur dumb enough to buy that game, then you deserve it lol.


EA fanboy detected :wink:


What’s wrong with mass effect? I loved the original trilogy and I’ve been playing Andromeda recently


Mass effect 4 was abandoned by ea they didn’t fix it issues and scrapped single dlc for it leaving the game with a lot off loose ending.


Ahh ok, yeah I’m only just getting 100% viability on Eos and like 80% on Havarl so I guess I’m still early in the game.

I’m really enjoying it though but then this is my favourite kind of setting.


I enjoyed the game just as much has the other 3 but just disappointed in ea have abandoned an have no future plans for a new mass effect game.

Ea seem to be dragging their feet with Star Wars games aswell they have had the deal since 2013 and have only realised battlefront 1&2 and some mobile games


Don’t forget about the Star Wars mmorpg that they basically failed on as well.


Dragon Age series was awesome though, with Inquisition being one of my fave games ever.


Don’ know about this what game was it?

@Craigie I enjoyed the mass effect series till the 3rd and they throw in multiplayer and loot boxes


EA are the fucking worst, cunts. Didn’t know they’d killed Mass Effect


EA are like the bubonic plague to good gaming studios


It’s still an active game, Star Wars The Old Republic.


Oh that one I only played abit off it when they introduced the story campaign. Didn’t mind it but a lot off it was u had to throw money at it puts me off since I play Star Trek online and I don’t have to pay any money to enjoy the game and it’s content


Yeh it’s a subscription game, they have micro transactions but only for cosmetics. The stories were really good for all the classes but they just are clueless on how to run an mmo.