FFS mustafi (Fuck out)


I think to some degree Emery is still trying to figure out what he’s got. A few players probably are in that “sorting” category I talked about in other posts. This year is a season of sorting and I reckon Moose was very much on the bubble… hopefully now the verdict is in.



I feel there’s no way that a coach at the top level wouldnt see how much of a disaster Mustafi is and would prefer to keep him at the club if he had the choice.

I will be baffled if we don’t try our best to get him out of the club this summer, and if he’s still here it’s because absolutely no one is as stupid as we were when we bought him.

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Pretty much agree - the real disaster will be if we don’t bring in reinforcements, whether we keep him or not.



The likes of Bellerin, Holding, Papa and Nacho didn’t look bad together, tbh.

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Emery definitely gave Mustafi a chance this season and tbh I don’t think he had any other choice. Mustafi is our only defender in his prime and cost the club 35 million. Emery is surely thinking he has to play him and see if he can make him work.

You could see though that Holding soon became the favourite and I honestly believe now Emery would play just about any of our defenders over Mustafi.

I’m sure Emery isn’t a complete idiot and had his reservations about Mustafi before the season began but this season is all about the growing pains.

Experiments over now and if Mustafi is any where near the first team next season then Emery needs to follow him out the door ASAP.



Agreed. I think if you look at who we have if Mustafi goes, Koscielny and Sokratis would be decent backup options to have. Holding will hopefully kick on and become a very good CB because he has the potential, and Mavropanos has potential but we simply don’t know how good he is.

The biggest thing we need obviously is to sign a top CB. Its easier said than done but we all know it has to happen. If we sign a very good CB and a better LB defensively, that will greatly improve the defense imo.



Talking about Centre backs that are underrated by Arsenal fans I’ll give you William Gallas despite all the flak it will cop due to his attitude etc.

The facts remain 2008 was the season we clearly had our best defensive season at the Emirates with Gallas at the heart of the defence, was our only proper title challenge being since being at the Emirates and we only lost 3 games due to being solid at the back.



I always thought his attitude was kind of justified. To me it felt like he thought he was a winner and it hit him that he’d basically joined a loser mentality club.

Then again, as the captain he could have maybe tried to keep spirits a bit higher.



Yeah couldn’t agree more.

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I’m not sure that’s (predominantly) on Gallas. Arsenal just played a different style of football before the summer of 2009. In 08/09 Arsenal only lost 6 games. That hasn’t happened since.

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It’s not entirely on him true, other factors played a part like our midfield having better control of the ball etc.

Still think he’s underrated individually as a player by Arsenal fans due to his attitude, he’s was an absolute mile better than any current CB we have.

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We need a top CB, we need a top midfielder to replace Ozil, we need a top wide player…
We don’t even like Leno and Cech is leaving. Probably a top keeper is needed also.

How much money do we have?



My sources are telling me Valencia have another top, top quality CB and are willing to sell if the price is right. :gabriel:



What do you mean “another?” :wink:



The hero we need



Emery has progressively been showing that he doesn’t trust Mustafi. The guy was hooked at HT back to back a couple of matches ago I think. Red flags right there. Then he started going with the ‘finished’ pairing of Lolo and Papa. Honestly, if Mavro was more accustomed he could even beat Mustafi to the CB position too.
I definitely think he is one of the candidates to go in the summer.



Emery even said recently that he think Mustafi head isn’t on his job…no manager says that about a player without thinking ‘this player is not good for the team’

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Hopefully it means we are gonna bin him this summer.



100 appearances for the club today.

:back::on::top:in his honor



And once again a disgusting performance from this numpty, 3x passing the ball straight out of play, putting his teammates under pressure with unnecessary passes and general acts of buffoonery throughout.

After Leno spills the shot he (Mustafi) stands idly by whilst Koscielny anticipated the danger and gets there to prevent a certain goal. Chalk and cheese with these two.

How this utter gimboid has got to play 100 times for a club of our supposed ambition is laughable :tired_face: