FFS mustafi (Fuck out)

What a loaf of bollocks.

Could be a blessing in disguise if he gets a ban though :mkhi:


Great header. Still can’t defend though.

Five of Shkodran Mustafi’s six Premier League goals have been headers.
Who would have thought that?
How did they expect Mustafi to score those goals, beating three defenders and nutmegging the GK, or a curling free kick from forty yards out?


@Calum this ^ is a good stat. Factual, informative and not trying to imply something that’s either misleading or that would need a lot more context to make it true. :slight_smile:

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I’d really like to know what game the non headed goal was from haha

There can be no argument for persisting with him.

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What other options do we have? Holding? Who else? Can Lichtsteiner play there? I don’t care if he can’t tbh, he can’t be any worse.


This guy falls over more than a drunk chick in high heels.

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I think its Dinos time now.


What on earth is Bellerin doing in the first video? Touches Shane Long’s arm and watches him run around his (brain-dead) compatriot.

Both big liabilities for us.

Pound for pound he ranks as one of the worst defensive signings in Premier League history.


THIRTY FIVE MILLION :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Still better than Mangala was for Manchester City.

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He said one of the worst not worst

Dude, you would’ve been a better signing than Mangala was for City.

What makes his mistakes even worse is that he immediately looks around to try to blame someone else when he’s solely culpable for the error.

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