FFS mustafi (Fuck out)

"You’re not really A4t are ya? I’m Mav ffs…


“you’re a useless cunt”


“Tweet :back: :on::top:one more time and I will break you”


‘fookin wasteman’

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it honestly does look like he could be genuinely saying something like ‘yooooooooooooooou, i will fucking destroy you’

“You are my captain and will form the mainstay of my defence for the foreseeable future. Now get out there and prove them wrong!”

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Top pick from the Carra / GNev debate

Carragher: You’ve got a player (Mustafi) who can’t run and can’t defend



Talking from experience there :henry2:

I’d take this carraghers left pinky as our CB over Mustafi rn tbh

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Wasnt into football when he was in his prime so know nothing about him. He has a Mustafiesque physique though. Short, stiff and clownish :mustafi:

He was good (not fantastic but very good) and certainly better than the pile of shit Mustafi is.

Any pace? And what about his lack of height, did it affect his play negatively?

Tbh he got rinsed by Henry all the time (who wasn’t :henry2:) but was pretty combative in his duels from what I remember.

Don’t think the lack of height was an issue.


I remember one time (later stages of Henry’s career) where Titi had just come back from an injury and was basically playing at 60% at Anfield and still left that pond life Carragher on his arse and scored.



“This is the reason I don’t like Germans. They’re cocky, arrogant, and don’t learn from the past.”


“If we use you in defence we are big trouble. Big, big trouble.”

On a serious note. Unlike Granit “Long shot merchant” Xhaka, Mustafi has actually good qualities as a defender. I could still see a Koscielny transformation in him.
Sokratis seems to be putting him more in check than Lolo and Mert did. If he stops acting like a moron and gets serious maybe he’ll become a good asset. Unai’s assistant Carcedo seems a proper coach. Hopefully he’ll teach the guy some tricks unlike Bouldy.

Smell my finger…


A year ago you wanted to make him our captain :mustafi:

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when was this?