FFS mustafi (Fuck out)

Nah. Welbeck did very well for us and offers more than just goals. Plays all 3 positions up top comfortably, he is a good dribbler, fast and works his ass off for the team. Laca and Auba might be quality but overall they haven’t done better than Welbeck yet imo.
He was slated to be sold before he came back, then Emery saw him in training and probably asked for him to stay. I mean Emery said he could even play left back :joy:.
It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up earning a starting spot. He’s right up Emery’s alley with his workrate.

You didn’t even try to hide that you are a troll.


Can’t take this post serious tbh

i joined OA that day after watching that game. Couldnt sit on the sidelines just had to vent. Can blame Yaya for that lads. Sorry.

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I’m just hoping that Holding or Mavropanos makes a starting spot their own sometime this season.

If you’re going to play a high line then you need CBs that have the athleticism to win out in one-on-one situations and that are comfortably improvising a bit when the other team breaks and its less about your system than just reacting to whatever the situation presents and making sure the attackers in the most dangerous positions are accounted for. Both the first two Chelsea goals were examples of Mustafi/Sokratis being woefully inadequate as a pairing in this regard.


No, he is. Instead of watching Welbeck fails on Youtube go and actually watch his matches. He is a good dribbler and knows how to combine it with his rapid pace. Probably why he got used as a winger for so long in his career. He is not one dimensional.

Then don’t.

Yeah don’t worry I’m not :joy:

At least something good came out of Sanogo getting minutes for us :smile:

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Well GC… were you being sarcastic???


You know what GC???
Watching Welbeck is like watching my son playing hockey…

Yes, Welbeck is kind of speedy as you said.
He may be a good shooter if the ball doesn’t move.
Just like my son, he may skate decent without a stick… and he may have good stick handling on hard floor without putting on a skate.

But when combining both skills…
The one word I would yell at my son is, “Damn”… and the one word I would yelled at Welbeck is “FUCK” (Probably 2 words now… “FUCK OUT”!!!"

Dunno where this is coming from. Welbeck may not bag 30-40 goals per season but he is a hard worker, he is a very good athlete,a good dribbler and has a rep of being a big game player.
Never said he is an elite dribbler like Hazard but he is a good dribbler. Simple.

Nobody said he is not a hard worker… He is.
Being a good athlete is a pre-requisite to be a good footballer, not guarantee to be one.
Yes, he has a rep of being a big game player, but just a rep.

Talk about good dribbler, were you talking about the United Welbeck, or Arsenal Welbeck??

Both. He came at Arsenal with some great dribbling stats. In his first two seasons at Arsenal he put some great displays of his dribbling, primarily because he was used as a winger. After that he started playing more centrally and was out with some injuries.

Is it a rep though? He had some big performances against big teams by scoring some vital goals or contributing to the team in other ways.

Probably we are living in 2 different universe and dimensions.

Anyway, have a nice day, looking forward to our next game :slight_smile:

You’re talking about two goals here right? I can’t think of any others that were particularly vital.


Still my favourite picture from the new era :arteta::


‘i am onto you, you fucking fraud you think you cant stink the place out on my watch…i am watching carefully caveman’

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“You mother fucker, just fucking stay away from my daughter”