FFS mustafi (Fuck out)

The lack of self awareness to complain about valid criticism

As mentioned by @InvincibleDB10 , top players accept the criticism(whether valid or not) and rise above them, not pour their heart out to a news outlet. If I had doubts before, I’m certain now Mustafi’s time at the club is over. Whether in January or in the summer is the only question that remains.


There seems to be a self entitled trend of players thinking they’re above criticism. I think it’s due to everyone kissing their arses from the moment they were valuable commodities.

I used to live next door to a cricket player and he expected you to naturally do everything for him while overstepping your own boundaries. He could just be a bit of a prick but I think it’s largely everyone sucking up to him because he’s a sports star of sorts

Which cricketer haha ?

We abuse the absolute fuck out of BASTARD on here. The difference being that he will never see these posts so it won’t affect him mentally etc.

People who abuse the guy directly on social media, despite it being their right to criticise (up to a point), is another matter.

Don’t think many (if any) people on here actually do that, and I can sympathise with the guy for feeling victimised when it becomes extremely personal and offensive. There’s no way of policing that. So long as there is no racial hatred element / genuine threat-making, it’s just part of being a famous person on social media.

I guess the only solution is for him to stop being a complete fucking shithouse cunt BASTARD when he plays for us.


Have to remember though how much more ridicule and abuse players like Adams would have got if he’d been playing now. A bit of Backpage ridicule on a weekend and chanting on the terraces is a lot less than you get now.
Fairplay to him because he was a young man and embraced it all but who knows how much of that contributed towards his addiction problems at the time.

Samit Patel, reckons he would of got more international call ups if he stayed in better shape. Funny because every few months you’d see him tackle this by jogging slowly up and down the short street outside his house for 5 minutes. You’d thought they’d educate them more about fitness and diet

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Mustafi still needs to fuck off IMO…hopefully in the January transfer window!