FC Köln Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Just fucking ignore him then ffs.




We’ve qualified top. Who cares if we lose to Koeln? :eyes:


Well stop if you admit Luca Toni is a cunt


Luca lol ffs I don’t hate Italy :joy: only banter thought you would realise


I know, just taking the piss. Still hating a scottish man like you though :wink:


Its not the loss so much its just the pure shitness of it that has pissed me off the most. I mean what a fucking shit line up what a fucking shit boring game. This game was primed for seeing talents in their correct positions lets see what they can do if we lose so be it…but no fucking boring cunts of players like coq and elneny in midfield chambers at wing back then plays nelson AGAIN at wingback and sub nketiah on at 85m when the game is finished, stupid cunt manager i want him out of this club so badly.

It makes you wonder why players want to be here, if i was a youth player and was crushing it in the youth team and you find yourself good enough to have a shot at 1st team action or a chance to impress, what happens nketiah a brace…then chucked on the bench for 10 mins playing time. Nelson destroys opposition when attacking (saw a glimpse of it in the dying minutes) yeah you will play defence…he is destroying these kids and the players confidence in general, he really needs to fuck right off now sick of the sight of the cunt.



We won the group playing a bunch of teenagers who gives a shit if we lost the most meaningless competitive game we’ve ever played while playing a load of kids lol

I’ve not given a fuck about the EL because I knew we’d qualify by playing a bunch of kids who are still learning the ropes and that we’d not be setting the world alight by playing our star players against the likes of Bate and Red Star.

Don’t understand why everyone is reading so much into these games and over analysing people like Wilshere and Coquelin, the rest of these group games have as much meaning as Emirates Cup games.

Once we start facing proper teams in the knockout stages we’ll start fielding different, stronger lineups.


I’d rather win the community shield, that how unimportant this game was.


I’m not even entirely sure anybody should really be even remotely annoyed about the performance or the result. Qualification is secured and we finished top of our group without having to burden our first team players with Europa League Football.


The only reason to be annoyed is that we’re wasting valuable playing time in players like Giroud, Welbeck, Coquelin and Wilshere, that instead could be used in developing younger player with an actual future at Arsenal.


Was a time when it was exciting to see what talent we had in reserve. By this showing not much or at least the development is really slow at best. Yeah the games a nothing but its an oppertunity for some players to at least lay decent claim to the first team. Didnt see one apart from Iwobi who was interested.
Wenger has lost so much outlook on the game, when fucking Elnenhey taking set plays. Ffs Arsene.


The result didn’t matter that much but FC Koln are bottom of the Bundesliga and haven’t won a game all season.
We had a decent team out and a lot of those players are playing for a place in the first team and some of them for a place in the world cup yet their performance would suggest otherwise.

For a game, which was no more than a friendly for us, I would have thought it would have been better to play mainly younger players, so we could see what they could do.

But if we can’t beat a club as poor as them, with a very experienced team, I don’t understand what Wenger was thinking.

Perhaps he was trying out a few players that could play together next season after Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla leave.


The opportunity lost in these six games–and even when playing youngsters, playing Nelson and Maitland-Niles in positions that do really nothing for their progress–is really pretty significant. Wenger :facepalm:


Perhaps this is the future and Wenger is trying out his potential formation for next season without Ozil and Sanchez :grinning:


But Wenger’s trying to develop other areas of his game! :roll_eyes:


I think people are not really mad at the result but the performance actually.

Win or lose is one thing.
Had a much superior team and not able to perform is the one thing that worries people.
This is much difficult to swallow.


Game was awful… personally more annoyed that I wasted 2 hours… was hoping to see more of the youngsters at least as I can’t be bothered to care much… we should have done better with that squad, but as others have said, it hardly matters as long as we finish top of group.

Koln are in a terrible run of form, but they are still a club in one of the top leagues and had something to play for - they actually defended fairly well and were very organized. Our creativity was shocking, but it doesn’t help when you change out 11 players. Wilshere - didn’t think he was good or bad… meh… my gut tells me at this point selling him in January is the right move, although I personally think he would do better in Italy or Spain.