FC Köln Vs Arsenal (UEL)


We were keeping the group interesting


Awful game. :sleeping:


One game closer to the end of the group stages. Think positively.


Yea, I remember Calum being all excited about these games. He still must be buzzing watching them.


I want Austria fucking Wien now.


God awful


Wenger should get the sack for losing against a worse team than Benevento.


To be fair the first 3 were interesting.

The better ones are on the way.

Can’t wait to draw Napoli in the round of 32 and get KO’d asap


Le Coq-Elneny pivot. Says it all really doesn’t it?


FUCK OFF! THEY WERE FUCKING SHIT LOL! Why is Wenger suffering from parkinson disease?


Wait to Wenger plays half strength sides in the Rd of 32 or 16 and we get tossed, then the fume will be real.


I hate you. We need to win this cup FFS! Arsenal have just 2 shit european cups in their cabinet FFS! Why are you scottish so fucking shit when it comes to trophies? I know Scotland are fucking shit and you are not used to win an international cup, but i fucking want this Europa League FFS!


Not sure that any team in Europe’s top 5 leagues is worse than Benevento. Cologne actually have some points!

Imagine if we get knocked out in the round of 32 though. All those people who wanted something different from getting knocked out at the last 16 stage of the CL will get their wish :smile:


Don’t start joking. I am not really in the mood today :xhaka: :mustafi:


Italy out of the world cup also. First of many times no doubt.

Arsenal are shite. Everything is shite.

Welcome to our world

Enjoy the depressiveness :poldi:


Italy is just Scotland with sunshine.




I hope someone destroy Scotland. Can’t stand you.


Shut up you scottish earthworm.




I just can’t stand him, as he hates us italians. Racist xenophobic scottish bat.