FC Köln Vs Arsenal (UEL)




Shit striker, shit RCB, shit midfield, shit AMs. Shit lineup.


C’mon, it was expected. Just wanted more kids.


Strong team, only thing missing is Theo.

On another note holy shit those blue kits with white shorts look like absolute shit.


That is what makes it a stronger team :giroud:


Shame Nelson got dumped, but Wenger gonna Wenger.


That kit is so trash i don’t even wanna watch this shit…


Mdc open.





Well. That was fun. :joy:


We have won our group by losing. Only at Arsenal! We must be proud of this :xhaka:


Waiting for the WKB to justify it.


Well we’ve confirmed top spot so can’t complain too much. But deary me, this Europa League malarkey is bloody dull!

Remember when people were excited about it and said we’d score loads of goals :rofl: I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored watching Arsenal in my life than I have been in these EL games.


Don’t give a fuck tbh, we’ve topped the group with a game to spare playing a vastly limited side.

I’m assuming as the group winners, we can’t get CL teams in Round of 32?


We can. 4 of the 8 CL teams will be seeded. 4 won’t be.


Only time we score is when Theo plays :joy:


Well that ruins my mood a little bit lmao


Keeping the group open for the remaining teams by losing to the only chance I remember Köln having. Good for Köln, sucks for the rest.


Guess the worst teams won’t be seeded so we are getting the likes of…well, Borussia Dortmund could be a possibility :xhaka: