FC Köln Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Watch you guys still moan tomorrow regardless


As opposite to him supporting Arsené&Theo F.C.!


Well Theo has pretty much single handedly dragged the poor youth sides we’ve been playing in this comp, all the way to the knockout stage. So show some grattitude.


Not only is Theo better than KDB, he’s also more prolific than Henry, injuries are the only thing holding him back :rofl:.


Noo i fucked up the stats on that one. He’s not really close to Henry tbh. If I use my favorite little stat about a goal/assist per minute Henry is at about 1 per 90 minutes. That’s god like what a beast. Theo is at about 1 per 137, however from the wing that’s pretty damn good. Ppl should give Theo some credit.

Edit: btw thanks to @PPB for calling me put on my bull shit :slight_smile:


We should stop responding to him. Just an attention seeker.


This is not Walcock’s thread though.


How about you start by not tagging/quoting him.




That would help a tad bit. However when i see ppl, who clearly don’t understand football, disparaging my main man Theo, I refuse to hold my tongue.


You are right. Live him in his Theo’s world :wink:



Any ideas what the look left one is about?


Koln should be careful with their attempts at internet bants with Arsenal. It’s just inviting racist homophobic death threats.


Or worse… GIFs dun dun dun


I’m looking forward to these next few EL games being a fantastic way to blood our young players and give our fringe players minutes in what is pretty much a risk free environment.


Look left? Are they gonna attack us from that side? :xhaka:


A chance to play the kids apparently! Elneny/Coq pivot. Jokes!


Expected more kids, tbh. Strong line up for the Europa League though.


Chambers playing right wing. interesting