FC Köln Vs Arsenal (UEL)


Yes Luca he is. Do the math. Theo has 100+ goals for us in a very small amount of time on the pitch. If the poor guy could stay fit he’d have over 200 goals for us and probably closing in fast on the PL goal scoring record.




Not the most severe condition, Giroud also has it and always seems to manage to be fit to play.


It’s not his fault he’s gorgeous. This jealousy is really unhealthy, you need to find a way to combat it.


I know.
If he could stay fit, learn how to beat a player, had better control, more heading ability, some mental toughness and played for Barcelona in a system where he was the only player allowed to score, then he would almost definitely could have got some sort of goal scoring record.


Theo is every bit as sexy as Giroud, plus he’s got better hair.


Henry played 26,000 minutes in an Arsenal shirt and scored 219 goals. Theo has played 13,000 for the club and scored 105. A lot of those being sub appearances and out of form from constant injuries. Theo’s never had the advantage of a long run of matches to round out his form, the only time he did, what a surprise monster season 20 goals from the wing. Even more impressive.


Well, he is useless now. It isn’t a case Wenger plays him these days.


Guess we will see the usual line-up, with maybe more youngsters now that we have qualified.


Are you gay for him? :mustafi:


Not even remotely true. Theo this season is scoring at basically the same rate per minute as Lacazette. Facts tho…


Yes I want Theo’s juicy veiny throbbing weiner. Got a problem with it Luca?


No, just asking. It is just that you do love him too much :mustafi:


Well have u ever tried a big juicy throbbing weiner? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, then you might understand why I love Theo so.


No, thanks. I leave it to you :wink:


No Walcott tomorrow again YESSSSSSSSSS


A4TT will be crying in his cup of joe!


LOL! Poor @Arsenal4thetreble! His cock was already hard for him :poldi:


Lmao you guys get so happy when Walcott doesn’t play, cracks me up. :grin:


Yeah in general fans of a club want the club to do well!