Favourite Games/Quiz shows

From the kiddy days… ‘Get Your Own Back’ and ‘50/50’.

Also, for some reason I remember watching re-runs of this as a kid…It’s so weird :joy:


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Guessing I missed out.

No contest. Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

I think you mean Takeshis Castle.


Does Gladiators count as a gameshow? I rated it.

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I’m older than your sister. I guess we’re just different

When I was a kid, I loved Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? :heart_eyes:

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Pointless is by far the best quiz show format imo. I like the added element of not only needing a correct answer, but an obscure one. I also think that part of the show’s charm is that a lot of the time there isn’t that much money involved, you get the sense that most people involved are there for pride’s sake, and because they love the show.

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Holy shit that is bad. Should have just added commentary to the original as everyone else did.

when you say bad you mean the greatest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? Yeah pretty much agree with that brother.

Ray Hudson football commentary kind of bad, which means that I’d immediately mute sound.

I guess you Euro’s and your sophisticated type of comedy just can’t understand us Americans and our potty humor.

Trust your lot to absolutely make a meal of Takeshi’s Castle :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Persona, post:21, topic:1114”]
Also, for some reason I remember watching re-runs of this as a kid…It’s so weird
[/quote]Some reason I don’t remember this, but apparently it only had one series so maybe that’s why.

Annabell Croft has barely changed in 25 years :smiley:

Speaking of weird ‘gameshows’, anyone remember the very odd betting show Banzai on Channel 4? :joy:



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The cube. Brilliant when Mo Farah completed every challenge a few years ago.

For pure belly laughs at dumb people there’s nothing that can beat an 80’s american game show called press my luck .
It was a little known daytime quiz that I watched in my apartment in NYC whilst recovering from pneumonia .
It was simple you answer dumb questions and then you press and win prizes and cash but if you go on too long a “WHAMMY” would come along and eat your money so the trick was to stop when ahead and pass the buzzer to the next man . It was winner takes all the others leave with Zip and of course relied on American greed , the look on the peoples faces as they pressed on from winning positions was priceless .

Another old school gameshow is set for a revival

“The Adventure Game” was my fave, total rubbish tv but had to be watched…great fun.

I used to watch the chase with my nan sometimes, great show

I was on egg heads once, we lost.