Favourite Games/Quiz shows

Following on from the Randomly Nothing thread, I thought it be great to have a proper thread for it.

As a kid, there were probably three shows I absolutely wanted to go on. Fun House, The Crystal Maze and Gladiators :cristo: I don’t think you could possibly get any more 90s than those three shows :smiley:

Though admittedly, I saw Fun House again not so long ago, and it hasn’t aged so well unlike the other two.

So what are your favourite games/quiz shows, past or present? Is there one that should make a comeback to the screens?

@Phoebica :wink:

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Gladiators and blind date was peak tbh. :smile:

Fort Boyard anyone?


That and Pointless are the only one’s I would watch. Helps both their apps are fun to play aswell!

Damn, Fort Boyard is a great shout! About the only decent thing Channel 5 has ever shown in it’s 20 year history :joy:

I used to really love watching, “They Think it’s all over”, Hilarious entertainment and sport mixed into one.

Fun house, big break, generation game.

Loved crystal maze as a kid and I am going to live a child hood dream by doing crystal maze in April :grin:


The Chase.

Bradley Walsh


Fun house. WHAT A SHOUT. @Lister86


The chase is my current favourite. Favourite classic is the Krypton Factor.


People watch shows like these in their free time?:stuck_out_tongue:



[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:9, topic:1114, full:true”]
People watch shows like these in their free time?
[/quote]Are you saying there’s never been a game show you’ve really liked GG? I know you’re quite a bit younger than most on here, maybe you missed out on all the good stuff in the older days :smiley:

@Electrifying I’d say the Chase is probably the most current gameshow I enjoy watching every now and then.

Err that means nothing. My sister is 19 and loves a quiz and went to the Crystal Maze, as I said. And the rest of us are not exactly ancient. I loved quiz shows at uni, and watched old style ones on Challenge. So unless she is like 12, then don’t make the rest of us - who are in our 20s sound 80!

Sorry, rant over :bellerin:

Well…I’ve been put in my place :sweat_smile:


Who wants to be a millionaire was good for a few years. It was serious money so you got rapt in it.
Never the same though once youd watched slumdog millionaire.

Yeah, stay there - in whatever corner of America you are in :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

[quote=“Phoebica, post:15, topic:1114, full:true”]
Yeah, stay there - in whatever corner of America you are in
[/quote]What makes you think I’m from there? :woj:

I’m just smart remember

[quote=“Phoebica, post:17, topic:1114, full:true”]
I’m just smart remember
[/quote]I think someone’s been drinking too much :wenger:


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Woo drunk party!