Fantasy Football 2016/2017


Credit where due, that is fucking impressive.


I’m 30 points behind you and ranked 96565!


Such a tiny margin of error at that level hahaha

I’m ranked 356,000 and number 7 in the OA table :joy:


I’ve joined.


Put Stanislas in this week. Just the two assists and one goal so far :blush:


Wanted to put Joe Allen in. But he was a fucking doubt, so after a lot of thinking I decided not to risk it and put in Arnautovic.


haha any reason you put him in? nice one though!


I was going to put Allen in like @Gladiator, but I thought he wasnt going to play due to injury. Took a punt on Stanislas as I fancied them to do a number in Hull. He’s scored a second goal as well haha


6 fucking goals and Wilshere not involved in one of them (at least on the score sheet) blah.


Well today’s the first time I’ve had 2 of my 3 strikers get a -1 and both miss their penalties :joy: was glad Aguero missed his but Benteke?! ffs


Well well well. Look who is the best scoring fantasy midfielder in the league. Amazing value too.


My three week stay at the top of the league is over lol. @tone has made up the 30 points and replaced me. Nice one!


Thanks mate. Got lucky as I put Austin in as Gray of Burnley was banned. Paid off big time by scoring 2. Also helps by having 4 of my players score goals


Put Lovren in this week :henry2:

Having a cracking week, although many are due to popularity of Alexis and Aguero.


Sanchez and Aguero are musts.


I had Sanchez as captain and Defoe upfront.
They got me nearly as many points as the rest put together, although I have got a few players from teams who haven’t played yet.


That mentality has allowed me to to wipe the floor with my competition in other leagues these last five weeks. Until today of course! Had a feeling he would rise from the ashes this week haha. Such an investment though, my midfield and defence is gonna suffer immensely!


From 1st to 4th in a matter of weeks I’m like Arsenal in February :wenger:


I’m surprised by how well I’m doing too. Changing Walcott for coutinho was the right thing to do this week.

63,029 in the game, 3Rd in OA…

Though I’ve only got Williams and Lukaku left to play this week so I’ll probably drop a bit later today.


Just seen that Gundogan only costs 5.5m

Absolutely outrageous value.