Famous Fans

A lot more should have been made of Sir Mick Jagger being a famous Gooner.

Fuck fake face face-timing our star player.


Margot Robbie talking about Martinelli’s movement :heart_eyes: hope she’s talking about his movement both on and off the ball though :grin:

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I don’t think he is it’s probably his son/grandson, it’s hard to tell which is which these days .
Jagger has always been into his cricket and tennis.

He has been seen at a lot of Arsenal games before to be fair.

Though this is probably the first one where he wore a “dilf” hat. On a side note, should that not be gilf now?

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She looks like a chemistry experiment

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Like someone else said the other day, football is almost like a hipster cool thing for famous Americans now. There is also probably an element of expanding their brand thrown in here too.

Either way, she and others like her can fuck the hell off.


Thought her kids were Arsenal fans? FAKE ASS

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and we lost with her here too…she is cursed.

Someone needs to invite her to the Etihad.


I hadn’t seen lips like that at Emirates since Mick Jagger.

Looks like a brunette Haaland.

Well-exercised lips, those.

Mansour will throw a Bentley and a suitcase full of money her way and her kids will be dressed up in sky blue by the end of April.


Top actor, love that he’s a gooner.


I had no idea, and I watched Fever Pitch twice.

Bobby Lee is one of us.

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He has incredible screen presence and his deep, gravelly, baritone voice just adds to that.

You can tell from that very brief clip that he is a proper supporter as well, no question. Top man.

Arsenal winning the league will be massive. I mean, I’m seeing how the Argies are celebrating their WC win in Argentina. Shit is wild. Arsenal winning the league after almost 20 years will be a truly iconic, historical moment that would cause absolute scenes all over the world. Social media will break, the number of younger celeb fans who will produce content will just be huge

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