Fábio Vieira (21)

Decent game although bit more composure needed in the box a couple of times today

@SuperArsenal1886 what were you saying about predicting this?

I always believed he’d do well.

Hmm, I recall saying that Vieira should start as he deserves it and will put in a good performance.

Why didn’t you vote for him to get another chance after last season when the poll was done?

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Good productive game by Vieira.
Possibly the first start I remember with other first-choice players where he was part of the team, rather than being on the periphery.

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Nope. Started before with first team players against Brentford, Bournemouth and there was some other game as well.

nope what?

I know he started but

I meant first game he looked like he was in sync with his teammates & was contributing like rest of them.

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Ahh, is that where it’s from? Back then, I genuinely thought we should’ve sent him on loan or sold him. Back in June. But he’s played well ever since pre-season began.

Hope he starts again next week.

Never trust the fans lol.

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I see what you mean, yes.

My bad.

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Looked really good today and clearly ahead of Havertz.

Great eye for a pass, great footwork and is always in the right position.

Well done :clap: :clap:

The theory of Everton being too physical for him seems invalid now.

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I think he is technically gifted just like Bernardo Silva, but is still adapting to the physicality of the PL. I think it’s clear he is making very good progress,


Last year maybe. This year he’s getting more involved in the du-els

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And he’s less upset now because he’s not losing so many of them. That’s why he’s more confident.

Thought he was pretty good, seems much improved on last season.


It was always nonsense

He was decent today and I hope he gets a Proper run where on can build on his performances and show what he can do

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He’s got a lovely final ball on him. Was a lovely weighted pass for the Martinelli goal that was ruled out.

Another solid performance and he looks like he fits in now. Last season he often looked like a passenger and was a step behind the play. Now he looks like a protagonist, like he’s much more comfortable as a footballer playing for Arsenal. Great to see him continue to contribute.

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