Fábio Vieira (21)

Or being dehydrated. Get that real shredded look.

How does this absolute waster come on before ESR?

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maybe ESR is still injured or still has a niggle but we are not being told that…or arteta doesnt think he is ready to play as yet.

Still think he should be played as a left winger. Certainly not the player I would want to bring on to replace Odegaard’s contribution. In fact, Odegaard should be untouchable in this XI.

Something must be really wrong with ESR because Vieira has been a zero in his last few appearances.

Except when he’s as poor as he was today.

Not a fan of him but 5 minutes isn’t worthy of a comment on his contribution.


Even when he’s poor. There’s no one on that bench who replicates what he does. If you bring on Vieira, he’s ball shy and prefers to play on the peripheries.

ESR is a different profile of player. I’d prefer to play him with Odegaard.

I thought Odegaard looked a little livelier prior to his substitution. Him and Trossard combined well and look like they could make things happen late on.


Mkhitaryan vibes :bergkamp2:

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This guy is a dud. Can see why we’re looking at a number of midfielders for the summer.


Diabolical player. He just has nothing.

Definitely a stat nerd signing.

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Looks like bust status

He doesn’t really play with much personality or intensity, these are two essential traits of top players.

almost a full season and still not yet adapted, bad transfer

The thing is you can be patient with him if you’d we something.

He isn’t showing anything. Not good passing, not great dribbling, not a big eye for goal, not a huge work rate.

Just nothing.

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He’s dogshit

Question is how do we recoup the money spent on him

First challenge and folds like a deckchair.


£35m wasn’t it?

Telling me there wasn’t a better player in Europe for £35m?

Slowly becoming the biggest flop that Arteta signed. Awful half.

Following the lead of the rest of the team tbf

Worst midfielder in the Premier League.

Awful sorry excuse for a footballer. He’s not even farmers league quality