FA Cup could be moved to midweek with replays axed

Hope this doesn’t turn it into another league cup :confused:

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Replays are fucking annoying in fairness.

Sucks for the smaller clubs though.

Don’t change the comp from how it is, we seem to win it a lot so I want everything to stay the same.


Without having dedicated weekends for the FA Cup, it will lose it’s importance and become like the league cup.


Its horrible supporting one of the elite brands in the cunt league that wants to kill the soul of hundreds of teams dreams in the country.
Im not sure how much more I can be arsed following this game now if changes like this come into play.
Been part and parcel of my love of football this competition and im not sure I want to give all that up . See what happens I guess.

Totally agree and the reality is they only really lose three fucking weekends anyway because when you get to the quarter finals they can still have 5/6/7/games anyway. They mitigate fa cup weekends as best they can already to try make sure they won’t miss out on big games anyway ffs.


If we go down the LCup route 2017 is probably the last time we will win it for the foreseeable future… Fuck the prem league…

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