FA Cup 2022/23

Leicester could play 3 teams.

Dagenham or Redbridge or Gillingham

Man utd v everton lol

Liverpool v Wolves.

Can they both go out?

Leeds apparently playing their 10th consecutive away game in the fa cup

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City always seem to play Chelsea in one of the cups


Ah, there’s the de Gea we know and love

Erik still going strong in these Cup and Europe games. It backfired before the break and they ended up with a bunch of injuries, they were lucky the break was there right on time.

They’ve got a tough schedule ahead, he has to rotate more, he’s got the squad to do so as well.

EtH is such a managerial genius he’s drawing at home to Everton in the FA Cup. Incredible work.


Iwobi looks done

Put play on. :man_shrugging:t3:

Cunt ref.

I’ve just tuned in and I’m seeing Iwobi on the grass in tears

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Wow decided to watch the second half.

  • Bad Iwobi injury
  • United score through an OG

I’ll switch off again


The state of that defending. Coady couldn’t adjust his feet the slow twat.

Godfrey being a cunt as per. Should be red.

What a fucking goal by Everton :eyes:

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Ah offside. That’s cruel man. What a move lol

Godfrey has caught him high up on the shin. You can see why Rashford stayed down, it’s not good from Ben Godfrey.

Just seen this on BBC and also @Midfield_Maestro post

This guy is always doing filthy tackles it’s outrageous

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Good goal by Everton but it’s offside.

He tried to break Saka’s legs twice and stamped on Tomi’s face. Only a yellow all game :upside_down_face: