FA Cup 2020/21

Thought I’d start a new thread for the best cup competition in the world :smiley:

They’re in the 8th tier! Draw is tomorrow evening. Hope they get a good one.

Number 15 is coming :wenger2:

Of course Spurs got Marine :xhaka:

Newcastle in the 4th round :grin:

Could of made some real money off that if crowds were allowed. Probably would of switched to Anfield or Goodison. Maybe 2000 at home on a muddy pitch is better though.

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So we got the Toon ? That’s curtains for the Toon in the cup then.

We at home?


Full draw

Having memories of that beautiful day in August when we won the final, and a few weeks later winning the community shield.

Happier times, filled with hope… Seems like a lifetime ago but was really just 4 months back.

What it’s reminded me of is how quickly things can change. From the low of November 2019 to the high of August '20, followed by this current low.

Deep down I believe we will have sunnier days again, whether in this competition or somewhere else, because no feeling lasts forever. As it was a few months back, is how it is now, temporary.

This too, shall pass


Arteta is shit.

Spuds wouldn’t be the first bigger (not saying ‘big’) club to come a cropper on a small ground that’ll be less than the billiard tables they’re used to playing on. Remember Yeovil Town’s famous old sloping pitch? Anyway, I hope it pisses down and turns Marine’s pitch into a cow patch, and the Spuds go slithering out. Glory Glory indeed.

That, and the win over the toon, will brighten a few souls around here.

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Mikel is shitter

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Apparently for FA Cup games if they can’t field a team due to COVID its either play your kids or forfeit the game

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If I’m a Premier League club and don’t rely on the FA Cup for revenue, I’d take this option. Optics wouldn’t be great however.

Liverpool got away with fielding a youth team last year, so that might be the best work around.

Why would you do that rather than letting your younger players get some valuable minutes and experience?

Villa having to play their under 23s tonight. Kinda payback for the Carabao Cup last season :joy::joy::joy:

Supposedly that was meant to be what happens when you’re covid hit, I’m surprised the FA has retreated allowing EPL games to be postponed.

Think we have arrived at that stage of the pandemic when we need to ask if we should be carrying on now.
It’s a bit farcical now and ethically not completely right.

Lol look at the line up