FA Cup 2017/18


One of them is just a kid lol, let him live, why get angry over something a kid wears?


Guessing you’ve not been to Yeovil. Or you have.


Anyone with one of those scarves should have a section inserted between where it says, Man U and Yeovil, with the word “loser,” printed on it.






The pitch is quite grotty in this game, wouldn’t it be a shame if it injured Alexis :innocent:


Yassss lulz get em Yeovil!!!


Yeovil ‘til I die


Brilliant tackle on Alexis that was :laughing:


First boos and then “What a waste of money”.

These Yeovil fans are really not warming to Sanchez.

I think i’m going to adopt Yeovil as my third team.


from sky:


36: Not to keep banging on about Sanchez; he’s been involved a fair bit so far, but not all for the right reasons. He misplaces two simple passes in the space of two minutes, and Yeovil will be delighted he’s not 100 per cent on his game thus far.

hhhmmmm reminds me of him when he was here, long may it continue.


Pretty accurate


Apart from with us, he would have blamed another player for that…why werent you there to keep it in and gesturing in anger and disgust.


Oh the hand gestering has appeared a couple of times, don’t worry about that, lol.


Has it? LOL, i am not watching but i really hope he continues like this for them, maybe scoring an odd goal but ultimately being Di Maria mk2.


Sanchez’s next game will be against Spurs so he could get booed two games in a row… though on the other hand, they might cheer because he left us…

What’s the general rule with this kind of thing? Do you boo your rival’s ex player regardless of the circumstances of their departure?


I read the cunt had an assist. How did he play overall?


Well he somehow got MOTM despite not being the best man on the pitch.

I bloody love Yeovil, though




someone is being a mega suck up!