FA Cup 2017/18







That was a great save from Caballero.


Chelsea’s penalties have been very good


Chelsea go through, but they are still shit.


Everyone will expect Brighton to do something now, so with that being said, 3-0 Chelsea


Ok sir.



Just sipping my tea, waiting to see if Conte gets hot with a 3 game ban


Morata sent off for good sportsmanship. @AbouCuellar must be upset.


Giving Willian a pass as it was clearly a pen. Conte though needs bringing up here for his berating of the ref after the game. He also needs questioning on the amount of players he has getting cards for diving too often. He even disputed after the cup final Moses last year.
He is clearly instructing his players to do this. Had plenty of plaudits for his quality coaching but now its time hes put under the spotlight on this horrible aspect of his team.
Pedro a serial offender on this needs to be questioned too for me.


The F.A. Cup 4th round starts today. Hope for a big shock from Yeovil :henry2:


Yeovil are missing Otis Khan. He is an important player for them. He got suspended for pushing the referee over – the funniest bit it that they tried to appeal it, as if the FA are going to overturn that!


Will that chilean play, instead?


Instead of Khan? No, Sanchez doesn’t play for Yeovil :grin:

I think José will player Sanchez tonight, or at least he should – he’ll have a big chance of scoring against a league 2 side (one fighting relegation too!) so he’ll get the monkey off his back straightaway. They’ll be none of this “When will he score?” chat.

That would be my thinking anyway.


Don’t let them in


The state of that!! :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


This thread just depresses me beyond belief… knowing that we are out and being reminded about it every time I see this at the top of the thread lists sucks…



I should probably get over it but I think half and half shirts are one of the worst things about modern football. I can’t remember seeing one that didn’t wind me up.


Half and half shirts are for cunts