FA Cup 2017/18


At least it will validate his belief in his philosophy. Must be annoying getting beat by your own masterplan.





First time he has won a national cup :cech:



tbh looking at the Ashley Young handball, don’t think it was a pen.

At least I can understand why they didn’t give it.









@Electrifying having it lol!


Oli G :heart:




Can I just say, I’m happy to see Rudiger having an awesome run of form recently.

Poor guy was going through a bit, especially with that comical own goal he scored against us, but has been very good recently, including today.


Yeah, whenever I’ve seen him recently he’s been looking very solid instead of Bambi-esque.


Ah José. Never change.


No one likes to see Mourinho humiliated by his own supporters after losing the FA Cup Final to his former team, with his 300m worth of players playing like Stoke…

More than me :grinning:


Seriously speaking, we should get our own managerial situation sorted quickly if Man United are going to sack Mourinho. As much as it hurts me to say it, a big name manager would tend to go there rather than us


I think you forgot that big name manager and Arsenal probably don’t belong in the same sentence :wink:


True :disappointed:

We were meant to get Alex Ferguson in 1986 so, historically, we’ve been pulling this crappy recruitment strategy for a while now.


Love that Chelsea beat Mourinho at his own game bringing the bus out after 1-0 up :joy:


Last years victory was , one of the best final performances I’ve seen since I’ve been supporting The Arsenal in some 45+ years .
Any supporter who doesn’t think the FA CUP isn’t worth a wank is lying, totally lying.
Alan Sunderland who yelled the immortal words
“ you fucking beauty “ in the ‘79 Final is testimont to that .
I’m truly gutted it wasn’t us lifting the FA Cup today, hopefully it’ll be us next year


Lol Chelsea players never have respect for their managers.


Wouldn’t have done us a world of good. Fergie time only applies when it’s managing Man U. You think we would get that advantage?

How was there 5 minutes injury time in yesterday’s final is rubbish. If it was us chasing the game 2 minutes max.