FA Cup 2017/18


What happened to FA cup replays in the quarter Finals ?


Tottenumb are just Tottenumb. They will never win anything :wink:. Meanwhile, Chelsea are through after ET.


They got rid of them last season. They “reviewed” the situation apparently and decided clubs already had a busy calendar, and also one off matches were more exciting – something like that.


So they have replays for rounds 3/4/5 but not for the Quarter Finals ? Seems like a rather strange thing to do, why not abolish them full stop ?


Well done, Petr! At least there’s no United Spurs final :dancer:

Two ex Chelsea players giving them the kindest draw… waits for Spurs fans to call it a fix…




Need Alexis to do the business against the spuds.

I’m ok with a Chelsea v Utd final


Manchester United / Chelsea final hopefully then.

Rationale being I don’t think Southampton are good enough to beat two of them


So Spurs are the away team at home?


I will be supporting Southampton as I despise the other 3, so irrespective if I think they are good enough to beat two of them I will be supporting them vs Chelsea.


Nah, Chelsea for me.

Giroud bullet header in the final to secure his 4th FA Cup in 5 years is needed :heart_eyes:


How many FA cups have Chelsea won in their 15 year history?


7 or something.

Yas, only 1 of the gruesome twosome are making it to the FA cup final.


Followed by that ‘event’ you mentioned a while back? :grin:


They were on fire in the early years of their existence, won the cup in 2007,2009, 2010 & 2012 from memory.


Cech’s best performance for Arsenal picking that draw


No fuck that shit, Chelsea are the insurance policy if united slip up against spurs. There is only one agenda here, ANYTHING BUT A SPUD TRIUMPH. Nothing else matters.


It’s fine, united to beat spurs and Chelsea to get the trophy they needed to complete their double last year.


It makes sense. Rounds 3/4/5 you’ll have league one/two and non league clubs involved and getting a replay could set them up for months or even years in some cases. Almost always PL and Championship by the time the quarters roll around and will often be the teams who are playing for the league title and are involved in the latter stages of Europe. I didn’t know they had done this but I like it. :slight_smile:


It’s heading that way though isn’t it?

We’ve gone from abolishing cup final replays, to losing them in the semi finals whenever that was, and now the quarters. One day in the not too distant future there will be no Fa cup replays and yep that’s generally bad news for the minnows but there are arguments both ways