FA Cup 2017/18


The quality of football in this game is hilarious.


Mark Hughes has sparked Southampton into life



It’s the right result, a revitalised Southampton waaaaay more likely to be able to stop United or Tottenham in the semis


Great save on the penalty!


Christian Walton! Sign him up!


All I really want is that Utd don’t win… I like being top of the heap for FA Cups and would like to see it stay that way.


Fuck Hughes! Don’t want Southampton to stay up.


Hughes’ first game in charge – takes his team to Wembley :sunglasses:

I think he’ll keep Southamton up. For that kind of level, he is a good manager. On the whole he did a good job at Stoke – three top half finishes. And I think he’ll do the same with the Saints, wouldn’t be surprised to see them back in top 10 next season.


He’s only been given a contract until the end of the season and they should absolutely look for someone else after/if he keeps them up.


Yeah I know, but if he keeps them up they’ll surely extend it. He gets his teams playing to the level they should be at - or even further in the cases of Fulham and Stoke. Regular top 10 finishes.

I get that he isn’t a Southampton-type manager and he certainly isn’t a long-term option, but he can steady the ship. I think he gets a raw deal sometimes, he isn’t as bad as some would have you believe.


I’m not sure about that, otherwise why not do it now?

Normally the situation is you want one of these shitmerchants to keep you up and to convince them to do it you have to give them a 1.5 year or 2.5 year deal so you’re end up stuck with them and needing to sack them a year later because you want to progress.

This is a great move for them if that’s what they’ve done. I’d trust Hughes as much as anyone to be competent enough to keep them up but he’s not the kind of guy I’d want doing a 3 year stint.


In case he doesn’t keep them up?


Liverpool will win the Champions League and Tottenham the FA Cup, fuck this season.


No and no.


Fuck you man.
I hope Luca likes all your posts, then unlikes it and likes them all back the next day.


Lmao u trippin.


Tottenham vs Manchester United has to be the semi final draw or we’re fucked


Won 25 quid off Vardy next scorer :blush:


Honestly could happen, but I think Barca will stop them at some point. Would have to get supremely lucky with other ties.


One of my favourite things about football is when it goes to extra time or programmes are taken off air because of it, like during the World Cup – I love seeing people fuming about Coronation Street not being on or making outrageous statements like, “who cares about football?” :laughing: