FA Cup 2017/18


He was injured for a while :slight_smile:


2-0 Tottenham FT.


Do you think Spurs fans would be happy for Wilshere or Cazorla if either of them scored after a long time on the sideline?


I just find it weird for an Arsenal fan to be happy about a Spurs playing coming back from injury and scoring goals.


I hope they play like that on Saturday :slight_smile:


Sorry guys, stick an asado up your sorry ass, you fucking Lamela.


Fuck Lamela. Scum players are all cunts who you never wish well


Leicester-Sheffield United and Chelsea-Hull for the 5h round today.


Giroud is going to win this trophy again :giroud:


Absolutely not and you know it, Jade Giroud :hipster:


Too easy for Chelsea.

That second goal though – great hold up play from Giroud and a lovely pass from Fabregas

:weary: :sob:


Auba>>>>Giroud :ozil2:


Giroud has two assists and a goal tonight though…

“Fabregas to Giroud and back to Fabregas”. Ah what could have been.


Widow :smile:


Chelsea and Leicester are through.


1-0 Chelsea

2-0 Chelsea


3-0 Chelsea


4-0 Chelsea



1-0 Leicester


Today’s games:

12:30 Sheffield Wed - Swansea
15:00 Brighton - Coventry
15:00 West Brom - Southampton
17:30 Huddersfield - Manchester Utd

C’mon Huddersfield!


I kinda want Man City to stay in it and probably win it because I can’t see any other teams stopping Tottenham / Man United winning it (awful) or Chelsea (nearly awful)




Carvalho won’t get a good reception back at Sheffield Wednesday will he? :grimacing:


He should get a warm reception IMO. Or at the very least, a mixed reception. But whether or not he does… we’ll see. In his first season Sheff Wed played some pretty attractive football - the best they’d seen in a long time according to some fans. And they reached back-to-back playoffs with him in charge.

Granted, he left them in a bit of a mess. Maybe he was a victim of his own success. But he doesn’t deserve to be booed.