FA Cup 2017/18


Wigan to give City another upset like in 2013 and 2014? :giroud:


Hopefully Will Grigg will be on fire


Just knock Shitty out :ozil2:


I don’t really care who wins this apart from United as I want us to still have the record.


Forgot spurs their mate.


Don’t have to worry about Spurs stroller they are elergic to trophies :wink:


The F.A. Cup 4th round replay starts today.


Just a shit version of the Carabao Cup


Only this season :henry2:


Swansea 4-1 up at HT, while Huddersfield and Millwall draw.

1-0 Swansea


2-0 Swansea


3-0 Swansea


3-1 Notts County


4-1 Swansea


8-1 Swansea FT. Rochdale and Huddersfield are through as well.

5-1 Swansea

6-1 Swansea

7-1 Swansea

8-1 Swansea


Swansea winning 6-1 and there is still over half hour left :rofl: Did no one tell Notts County there was a game on?


8-1 FT Jade :wink:


More laughable attendances tonight. Good luck Tottenham trying to even half fill Wembley with your scummy fans + day trippers, even at £10 a ticket

Scrap cup replays


Cup replays should be scrapped and the League Cup should only be for teams who did not qualify for any European competition in the previous season.

That’s my fix for fixture congestion.


Did anyone see Rochdale’s pitch tonight? They put this tweet out yesterday


This is what it looked like. Surprised the game was allowed to go ahead to be honest. I wonder if they’d have played had it been a league match. And yes, that is the Rochdale fan base all come dressed as chairs



Risky from Tottenumb here. Newport could have scored.
Tottenham are dictating the game, but they have not been dangerous at all.
Own goal for Spurs. Dirty bastard fuckers.


2-0 Lamela. I am happy for him.



Sissoko has found his level. Playing against League 2 sides.


Tottenham 2-0 up at HT.
Llorente misses the chance for the 3-0.
Llorente again lol! Hope he plays on saturday :smile:
Alli the cunt hits the bar.


Wtf. Why?


Ha. Can’t decide who has been the worst striker for Spurs – Llorente, Soldado or Janssen.