FA Cup 2017/18


It was a red card regardless. But the wrong person being sent off was a glimmer of laughter in a dismal game.


Well I wasn’t laughing when It happened. Bit of a weird thing to say IMO


Weird how?

How is the referee getting 2 players mixed up not amusing? It was something else to add to the banter Arsenal list.

I prefer to get joy where I can. When we lose I make fun of us, it’s better than being miserable. But each to their own.

Not sure why you just focused on that bit. My main point was that those kind of decisions are what people talk about and remember. What they moan and laugh about. Maybe you don’t have that kind of dynamic with your mates, but I do.


I’d rather they just got it right in the first place. I don’t really care if the ref getting it wrong makes great discussion tbh

I take the piss out of arsenal quite a lot tbh aswell :wink:


Cruyff > Calum :sunglasses:

VAR isn’t failproof anyway. Someone will probably suggest VAR for the VAR one day.


Liverpool lost :joy:

TROPHYLESS AGAIN!!! for the sixth season in a row.

Be great if their good players would leave and they go back to being shit and irrelevant again




Liverpool out ahah! Get in WBA!






I bet he doesn’t get much stick though. I don’t like to defend Wenger, but for all the abuse he gets, we’ve won 3 FA Cups in 4 years. Klopp has spent over £350m in about two years and has nothing to show for it. Yet he is a hero.


I agree with what you’re saying about receiving stick etc and Klopp seems to avoid it when he deserves to cop some. Out of curiosity what’s his net spend though ?


After getting £150m for Coutinho, I think he’s on about minus £30m.

Which is great and all that, but not really a proper excuse considering the number of players he has brought in. Good players too, but he doesn’t seem to be taking the club forward – they still seem to have the same problems they had under Rodgers.

Unless they win the CL, which is unlikely, they’ll be trophyless again, and could potentially finish outside the top 4. Is that progress?


Top 4 and quarter final in the CL probably is tbf. Defo question marks though and think questions will be asked of him if they fallout of the 4.
Gets support now for the entertainment value but that will change.


I think he has taken the club forward to a degree, he’s on target for consecutive top 4 finishes and what was Liverpool’s record of making top 4 before he joined ? 1 top 4 finish in 6 years or so ? I’m not going to argue and say he’s improved them defensively though as they are obviously still a shambles at the back.


They finished second under Rodgers, probably should have won the league actually! And he took them further than R4 in the FA Cup.

Top 4 isn’t a sure thing for them this season. Neither is the CL QF. The defence is a shambles at time which could well be their undoing. I dunno, maybe i’m being harsh but I don’t really see how they’ve progressed. Maybe it’ll take time.

I also think Klopp is a more likeable guy so gets an easier ride. He has ”passsuuun” and he hugs his players which the fans lap up. Though I don’t know how they’ll feel about his Brendan-Esque post-match quotes tonight.


This guy gets what I mean. It’s one step forward, one step back. And repeat. No progression.



Yeah I agree with that cycle but whatever way you look at it its progression from the 2010-2015 period where they finished 6th-8th every season bar 1.


Anything is progression compared to that.


Hahaha not saying progression would be hard when that was the starting point, just pointing out it’s incorrect to say they haven’t made progression under Klopp.