FA Cup 2017/18


This game is madder than a box of frogs! :smile: 3-1 West Brom with another VAR call


Right decisions made but it’s a fucking mess!

No one in the stadium knows what’s going on. You can’t celebrate a goal because by the time it’s given the moment is gone. The football can’t flow because of all the interruptions, plus you lose time – only 4 added minutes? Yeah OK.

In theory it’s a good idea and it’s a great tool to have. But it needs to be quicker and they should put something on the big screens so fans know what’s going on.


Chamberlain reminding us of his Arsenal performances in midfield :eyes: Altho having the disinterested Čan next to him isn’t helping


So Forrest didn’t last that much longer in the FA Cup then… :eyes:


I quite like the drama :slight_smile:


It’s more dramatic with VAR imo

They just need to get the replays up on the screens for the fans as well.


Is there much drama? Watching players drink out of a water bottle while they wait 5 minutes for the decision?

Plus, VAR has distracted everyone from the fact that Liverpool are 3–1 down to West Brom at home.


VAR is the best thing to happen to football since goal line tech.

People need to get over it and move with the times


I don’t think anyone is distracted about that :slight_smile:


Lolerpool lol!


As I keep saying, I am not against the idea of VAR, even though it’s only like 2% better than just a referee. I think it’s a good idea. I just don’t think it’s being used right yet. It’s too slow and that last VAR challenge was unnecessary.

I’m also not OK with people who pay a lot of money to watch their team being left completely in the dark “yay a goal” “oh not a goal” “oh it is? Is it?” Imagine being there, you’d have to follow the game on Twitter – if you can get a signal!

And only 4 minutes added time is a joke.


bit of an exaggeration there I think


Lol I notice you only picked up on the bit that was obviously a joke


Once we get it shown on the Jumbotrons and collectively get over the idea that it’s too American a concept and therefore somehow inferior, then we’ll be fine. You’re right, the crowd can’t be out of the loop for any length of time


I agree with your sentiments, @Phoebica

On the whole VAR is undoutbly a good thing. I can’t really put much argument up against a system that has got both decisions correct tonight. Also, I watch a lot of La Liga and some of the incorrect decisions there (without VAR) are simply dreadful and harm the game.

However, it should be quicker. Football will become rather sterile when goals are celebrated five minutes after they’ve been scored. This isn’t rubgy where scores are a lot more common, goals prbably avergae out at about 1.5 or something per game. If they become joyless decisions then what is the point of going to the stadium.

Also, I remember reading a while back Cruyff commenting on video referees in football. He made the argument that football is about controversies, it’s what people debate in pubs and at the stadium. It does to me seem to be an inherent part of the game.


They can debate the VAR decisions I suppose

Problem will be solved when the ref uses the big screens to look at the replays instead of the laptop or whatever it is, just have the fucking reply on the big screens ffs it shouldn’t be too hard to do.


yeah like the time they took.


Who thinks that?


Well yeah, this is pretty true for me actually. Maybe I just like to moan :smile:

But the controversies are the things you remember. Like the time Gibbs was sent off instead of Ox. That wouldn’t have been as much fun if VAR had got involved. Frank Lampard having that goal disallowed. That goal Spurs scored about 10 years ago that was about two yards over the line but wasn’t given, lol. These were great moments.


Much fun? What was fun about a red card in a 6-0 hammering to Chelsea?!