FA Cup 2017/18


Just tuned in for the Newport game, so if Spurs equalise it’s my bad.


1-1 but can they hang on for the replay :eyes:


Turn off now!!!




Ban this guy plz




It didn’t even take a minute


Ah, considering Poch’s dismissal of domestic trophies, he’ll be less than thrilled with the extra game. Shame. :sunglasses:

Great result for Newport though, they’re going to Wembley!


Tottenham’s next 4 were Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus until Newport sandwiched their way in :smile:


Liverpool probably just nailed fourth on that result. Lesser of two evils I suppose.


Good. One more game for them.


Fast start to this game. 1-1 after 7 minutes.



Oh fuck VAR


VAR disallowed their third goal!

Whose idea was that stupid technology?!


Surprised Nottingham Forest got knocked out, they looked such a force in the 3rd round.


Jesus Christ! Get rid of crappy VAR! Just took about 5 minutes to make that decision. Thought it wouldn’t interrupt the game for long?

Both VAR decisions gone Liverpool’s way too.




I’m not actually against VAR per se, i’m against massive stoppages and think it needs some work. Maybe bring a magician on the pitch or something to fill the interim

I feel sorry for the crowd too, they have no idea what is going on.


Wont be far off a 100 minutes this now. Progress.


VAR got both the calls correct and so what if the game ends 5-10 minutes later, if you need to leave early then leave early