Everton v Arsenal (06/12/2021) | PL

Everton v Arsenal
06/12/2021 20:00

PL: Matchday 15

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  • Arsenal Win
  • Everton Win
  • Draw

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Need to bounce back quickly from this.

I said Auba had to take his chance or he should get benched and Laca should come in. Laca was fucking terrible when he came on though. So was Eddie.

Honestly, fuck all 3 of them. I don’t even like Gabi up top that much but I don’t trust any of the other 3 to do a better job anyway at this point.
Also, fuck 4231. I hope we see a comeback of 4-3-3 with one DM and two advanced CMs.

My team would be:

Jade says easy win.

So I’ll say 1-1,but hopefully we edge it.

It definitely won’t be the smacking some people predict though l.

I’m going to be bold here and say Arsenal will win

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I do think we can scrape a narrow win, but it’ll be fine margins we could just as easily lose.

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If you’re struggling for form and you need a win, who you gonna call…:grin:

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If we beat Everton, that home game v West Ham is MASSIVE

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6-0 Arsenal.

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Agent Rafa is trying to get Everton relegated.

You didn’t turn up in the United thread after 20 hours??? I was waiting it has been 30 hours.

We’ll revisit that 0-3 prediction in 84 hours.

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I have 600 posts to read in that thread and can’t be bothered at the moment.

Anyway, leave my predictions alone. They’re not hurting anyone.


They’re giving some people that respect your predictions false hope.


Just like the COVID vaccine :see_no_evil:

I don’t think anyone has predicted us to smack any team away from home for like 3 years.

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Easy win. Everton are the perfect team to play next.


You don’t read the shite on here enough.

Oh no, dumb and dumber is in on the act…. Let’s open up the ladbrokes account and load up on the Toffees to avoid defeat.


:joy::joy::joy: love it

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Arsenal fan in predicting win shocker.

We are aren’t on suicide watch like you are. I’d hate to have your outlook on anything lol