Everton Thread


Everton Ornstein’d Ornstein lol.


Love it when Ornstein looks a twat.


Those appointments don’t exactly scream forward thinking all eyes on CL football. Can see alot of problems down the line giving any of those managers alot of money to spend.

I’d go all for Tuchel tbh


Lol, Tuchel’s next job will be far bigger than Everton.


Which he’s arguably not ready for.

Can see him getting sacked at a big club with raised expectations tbh.


Everton should get Howe. I’d like to see what he can do with a little more talent.



Bbc David got it wrong! That’s a scandal :cech: :mustafi:
Everyone knew he was leaving.


Finally, this charlatan gets exposed. Maybe people will stop hanging on his every word like he’s some kind of Arsenal Seer of Delphi.


But he got Mesut to us right :hipster:


This might cheer Koeman up, He now has time to perform another one


They could get all 4 of them and there still in trouble for me. This peoples club thing is pretty nauseating too tbh.


Tuchel the top target


What’s up next for Everton ? Where to next for the Gingerbread man ?


Thomas has been manager of Bayern Munich, Leicester, Crystal Palace and soon to be Everton since leaving BVB!


Giggs is funny thinking he’s good enough to manage Everton or Leicester.


Was thinking the same thing. I’m just imagining him doing an Odemwingie and waiting outside the club, “I’m here!” It’s pretty arrogant of him to think he can just jump straight into a PL job though, start at the bottom you cockwomble!


well Everton are third bottom.


I was thinking more like league 1/2.

Apparently Phil Neville wants the job now too :expressionless:


Phil Neville :arteta: