Everton Thread


What are the chances of them getting Moyes back in?


Love that Koeman last game was a hammering against us at his home stadium who we always struggle against. Bye #P45


Highly according to the paper but the fans wouldn’t be happy if he came back according to their forum


Wenger has killed more managers than i can count. Shame he cant quite manage to kill his career off.


The best sacking post Arsenal game was Phil Brown’s.


God they were shite weren’t they?


Is there an argument that Moshiri move has made things worse for them.


Far to early to say that. But these days there are so many players for Champions League football that even with outside resources it’s difficult to position yourself in the top six.


I don’t think it would be a reasonable assertion this early into his ownership. We need to see how he handles this awful start (as in if Koeman is fired, who does he get in) and whether he’ll be as flash with the cash in a summer where the club isn’t receiving the guts of 100m for it’s star player.


I dont think he has really. However after the bluster of signings which in reality when Lukaku was sold was only about 40 million investment.
Theres the stadium land that was purchased and hasnt got started yet. Tbf that was linked to the city getting the commonwealth games bid which failed and was probably a big blow for them.
22 years without a trophy I guess hes probably more guilty of raising hope and expectation than anything else right now.


The biggest mistake Everton made was not replacing Lukaku and thinking Rooney was going to get them goals.
They made some good signings but none of them with any pace and certainly not world class.

They are slow in attack and have no natural goal scorer that is a good PL standard.

They also have injuries to two of their better attacking players, Coleman and Bolasie and are clearly lacking the confidence they had last season.

Realistically they only spent around 40m net in the window which isn’t that much considering their owner is so rich.
Let’s hope the rumours of Usmanov going there aren’t true and he spends his money strengthening us rather than them.




Yeah. Obviously they were never going to get someone of Lukaku’s quality. But someone is surely better than no one. They had 3 number 10s on the pitch - Sigurdsson, Rooney and Vlasic - with no target man, no number 9, to aim for.

They have other problems too for sure. But that is definitely one of them.




Where does he go from here? Think Steve Walsh need to follow him out too.

Transfer buys were terrible, he only seems to have an eye for domestic based players


Koeman will be Holland manager I reckon


On the Radio 5 phone-in, a few fans said they wanted David Unsworth to take over until the end of the season – and then perhaps permanently, with help from Duncan Ferguson. Unsworth has been caretaker before and has done a great job with the U23s and knows the younger players in the first team well, knows what their skillset is etc. Plus he understands the club and their “philosophy” apparently, whatever that is.


I’d love to see Tuchel at Everton. Right level for him tbh


Perhaps, but I think they need a caretaker first, get them back to where they need to be. Then perhaps they can attract a manager of that calibre. Looking at the odds, it would appear the front runners at the moment are Moyes, Dyche, Big Sam and Coleman.