Everton Thread


No they won’t. They can’t just change how football works on a whim or it would have already happened by now.


A team that went in without a real good plan and/or executed horribly in the market… seem devoid of goals and have an abundance of the same kind of player and the team looks slow. I can see them struggling to make top 10 if they don’t work something out - they have enough quality to stay top half, but look awful atm. To be fair, they have had some tough fixtures early.


They’ve had a lot of upheaval player wise in fairness so I’m not surprised they’ve started slowly. They’ll probably he all sorted just in time to face us :smiley:


Basically people overrated their position last season. Lukakus goals covered up a lot of weakness in this side. Too many youngsters who are not ready.
Said this before the season started, with investment comes fan expectation. Added pressure that their not use too.


The problem they have is that they invested a lot of money in new players and they need to start gelling together.
They also lost their best player, who was their striker, and didn’t replace him.

But to be fair they have played Man City, Chelsea, spurs and Man U and are only three points behind us.


The lack of pace they have is disturbing.

Probably the slowest in the league, it’s going to kill them playing Rooney and no runners.


wasnt the investment to compete better with them sides. Twelve goals without reply says their in a worrying place.


They should have bought a striker and I don’t know why they thought Rooney was the answer, and they also need more attacking players with pace, especially with Coleman not playing.
It’s obviously a problem for them not scoring but as I say, the only games they have played have been arguably against the teams with the best defences in the PL.


Oh they’ll find a way to squeeze more money out of the sport. Maybe it won’t be exactly what I mused, but they will.


Not sure about that tbh. Scored 2 goals twice against weak opposition in europa and one at home to Stoke.
Will find it hard to win many games on that strike rate. Atlanta highlighted a lot of potential problems for them in real terms.


I forgot about the Atalanta game.
You’re right, that was embarrassing.
The only thing that’s certain is Rooney isn’t the answer to their lack of goals.



You just know this is gonna happen


Oh god don’t even I can’t even


We’re always handing out treats heading into Christmas.

Koeman has penciled it in at the very least a draw if not a win I’m sure.


Fantastic defence from the Everton fan who hit a Lyon player while carrying his son. As well as blaming Everton for leaving a gate open, he said this:


That’s actually superb haha. Surely he’s deliberately taking the piss



What about him as bad example?


It’s got to be the end of Koeman at Everton


Good riddance you fat cunt.


Wenger got his revenge on the ginger fucker didn’t he