Everton Thread


Barkley looked decent when he first broke onto the scene a few years ago but since then he’s been a bit inconsistent really, still shows glimpses of talent but not often enough


I think he’s probably aiming higher than that :grin:

The odds suggest that Spurs are the favourites to land him. We’re second favourites :see_no_evil: We’re “monitoring his situation” apparently. Who’s situation are we not bloody monitoring?!


Everyone that has a contract with the club that does not expire in the next 12 months.


I can’t imagine Ross Barkley getting too many interesting offers or at least not as many as he himself expects.


From Lemar to Barkley :grimacing:


It’s a shame he plays for Everton, otherwise Everton would have paid over the odds to sign him.


Barkley is at his level.
He’s not good enough for one of the biggest clubs, and Everton will be challenging for a top four place next season, so he might as well stay there.
I can’t see Wenger splashing out 30-40m on a player that is as inconsistent, and lacking in true top quality, like a lot of our players, apart from Sanchez and Ozil.
I suppose it depends on who we sell that will determine how much interest we have in him.


Barkley is deluded. Everton is his level at the moment.




A new challenge could also mean a change in scenary tbf. He’s going nowhere with Everton. They pretty much maxed out.


That quote strikes me as one that is normally made by people who have actually won shit and reached the apex of their respective league.

Not a guy who has been regularly benched last season and to be frank isn’t going to get a lot better than what he is now, but hey good luck to him.


I just feel he’s throwing an opportunity away to work under Koeman. Not saying he’s the best manager in the world but Barkley hasn’t really worked with his type before.

Just wondering where’s he going to go to get a better education at this moment in time. A sidewards/downwards move could ruin him. The managers arent great there. Reckon he’s trying to push for Sp*rs.


He might as well stay where he is, because with Everton having new owners that are showing a bit of ambition, and spurs having to pay for a new stadium, Everton might start catching them up.


Yeah but we don’t know what’s happened there. He might completely hate Koeman or club officials and be miserable despite playing regularly and at his level. Sometimes a change is needed just for a change. He’s been at Everton his whole life and a first team regular for 4 years. If it was me I don’t think I’d spend my whole career there.

And realistically, if you’re not at one of the top 5/6 rich clubs and going to be consistently playing in European competitions then does it really matter if you’re at the one that finishes 7th or the one that finishes 9th? My guess is that Everton will never reach the level of the clubs above them (even with investment) and Barkley’s going to have a relatively mediocre career and never reach great heights so whether that involves spending 10 years at Everton or 4 years at Everton and 3 years at West Ham and at Leicester probably makes little difference.

Fair play to him though if by new challenge he means going abroad to really try something different, though I’m guessing he’ll ask for more wages than he’s worth and end up somewhere like West Ham that’ll pay it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being another Sissoko at Spurs. A buy for the sake of it late in the window to look like they’re actually doing something positive rather than nothing.


Everton were garbage last night. Early days and all that but with investment comes expectation and it seemed a factor last night.
They dont have enough to finish any higher than last season imo.


Yeah. But they are not the only club to have invested have they? The top six, except for Spurs, haven’t sat on their arses either. It’s not fair enough to say just that they have spend, they should do better.


It wasn’t a great game, considering how weak the opposition was.
Everton had plenty of possession but couldn’t break down their defence.
Rooney seemed to have most of the crowd on his side but he didn’t have a particularly good performance, but It had the feel of a pre season friendly, and I would imagine most of the players aren’t match fit yet.


Yes it is if they want to join the teams above them or win a trophy surely.



After all the fuss made about their signings they ended up without a striker and its going to hold them right back imo.