Everton Thread


Edit: ah fuck just seen it

Most important thing to remember is that he is innocent until proven Gylfi



have seen the club statement about a 1st teamer, but didnt see what it was about.

Little bit fucked up

The Sun know exactly what they’re doing here and they continually get away with it.
Even worse, people still buy it.


I didn’t care enough to check but apparently they only have two players on the books who are 31 so…

Really dangerous fucking game throwing false accusation around for things like this- as I said the other evening the tabloids should be more responsible in their coverage of things like this but as Invincible correctly states they know exactly what they are doing.

It should actually be fucking illegal- imagine walking up and seeing your picture on the front page with a headline about fiddling kids, all because you’re 31. You literally have to zoom in to see the text “innocent midfielder”

I know these are celebrities but even then it’s just too much. The stink of this doesn’t deserve to be on anyone other than the person accused and even then he’s going to be assumed guilty.


So apparently the story is Siggurdsson slept with a 15 year old prostitute, who then blackmailed him for money after she told him she was 15.
He’s said no then she’s taken it to the police.

There’s an audio file going around on whatsapp exlpaining the above, could be horseshit but the person claims it has come from a souce close to the club.

Lol was always going to be some entrapment scandal like this, probably better than him being a literal predator but still what a stupid motherfucker. You’re a millionaire celebrity do you really need to paying up for loli hookers.

Unless of course he knew she was 15 in which case give him the chair. The one from Casino Royale not the electric one.