Everton Thread

Yeah weird one, he’s gotten plenty of appearances in his loans though. He’ll probably go and get picked up by championship outfit and do all right


I don’t think we need to dwell on it too long. £££££

Track and trace app needed at Goodison.

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To be fair, shovelling dung from the Elephant house at Colchester Zoo probably isn’t something you would have taken much notice of.

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Reading through an Everton forum they’re very happy with Ancelotti. They think he’s shown a lot of tactical flexibility and in game tweaking and it’s impressed them.

They’re also impressed with the commitment of the players, the way the team are grinding out results when they aren’t playing well and the fact he outmanoeuvred Rodgers easily the other night.

All in all, it’s been a solid start from Ancelotti and I’ll be keeping a close eye on Everton next season. He’s doing well with what is a very disjointed and shit squad (when you consider how much has been spent).

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