Everton Thread


Unlucky injury wise but hes done nothing up there.


Yep, didn’t read it well ;). Get on well Yannick!


Good signing for Everton. Still a very good player.


Death of his career if he goes here. Club going nowhere quick. Always in Liverpool shadow.


There’s nothing wrong with having a solid career with a (mid-table) Premier League club. I reckon players who play there for their whole careers also become millionaires :wink:.


They’ve just got billionaire owners. Remains to be seen where they’re going, No?


Well, perhaps not. No one gonna stick huge investment into a club if they only own 49%.

Farhad Moshiri (49.90%)
Bill Kenwright (12.16%)
Jon Woods (8.90%)
Other Shareholders (29.04%)


Lukaku close to signing a new Everton deal.


Interesting signing for them, let’s see how he turns out :slight_smile:

@LukeTheGooner is he any good?


[quote=“Bl1nk, post:48, topic:256”]
Interesting signing for them, let’s see how he turns out :slight_smile:

@LukeTheGooner is he any good?
[/quote]You could be waiting a while, he hasn’t been on OA since September.



Apparently this is not against Premier League rules because Everton don’t own the actual training facility.


They are going to sign Schneiderlin for 22 + 2 million pounds.



Was close to signing a new deal only days ago. Big U-turn! Tapped up?


Would he still work under Mourinho? Zlatan looks likely to leave in the summer so a switch to United would seem the most obvious inkling for me.




Definitely. Because he’ll probably get paid the guts of 200 grand a week to do so.



Wouldn’t mind him here. He is a good upgrade on Giroud.


He’d be a textbook United £60m signing. He’s a good forward, 23 years old and a good goal return for 4 of the last 5 years. He might frustrate and he might not carry you to European glory but if he was the forward at your club I don’t think you’d hate him the same way many hate the likes of Giroud.