Everton Thread


“Eyeing” a striker on the 23rd of August is not a club going out and getting their man and showing they mean business.

And Arsenal fans would rip their hair out if we were signing a £15m 27 year old from Deportivo with a worse goalscoring record than Giroud.



Had to quote this lol :joy:


Well luckily my transfer deadline breaking point is the 25th of August so I now welcome this deal fully. I’ve watched a YouTube video and decided he’s top top class.

Can’t believe none of the other big clubs are after such a find tbh.



Craigie the Prophet of Doom. Destroyer of dreams.

@craigie has had the strongest posting game of any poster since the switch to the new site. Big shout for POTY already.

I think it’s fair to say there was plenty of hair being pulled out over in the other thread :sweat_smile:

They look revilised under Koeman. Still very early days of course, but great start to their season.

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Early in the season still but Everton are doing a “Leicester” hope they keep it up because I’ve always liked Everton

Started well but after spuds on the first day of the season the fixtures have been kind.
Wba, stoke, sunderland, boro and Bournemouth next, id reserve judgement before giving a real opinion yet.

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Class goal by Lukaku, gotta say…if he eventually gets a move to a big club, who will it be? Chelsea seem pretty set at ST with Costa and Batshuayi.

If he does he goes for 65M as Everton won’t be selling easily

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United is gonna need a striker. Ibra isn’t a long term solution.

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Yeh probaby United they love spending stupid money on shite.

scenes. It’s one thing knowing this will happen eventually but imagine the manager actually saying it in public lol.

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Bolasie injured his cruciate knee ligaments in a tackle with Manchester United’s Anthony Martial on Sunday and could be sidelined for 12 months.

More misery for Everton. That’s €35 million down the drain.

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Everton are having a dire season

One month out!? What a big blow it is!

12 months?! :open_mouth: Wow must have been a bad one. Get well soon Yannick

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One? Twelve!